Friday, October 29

If I were to moan is that inappropriate?

As it is with most days I see him, the morning starts out with excitement and anticipation. The thought of him brings a smile to my face and a spring in my step. As the time gets closer and closer to when I will see him, I have a hard time concentrating, I am fidgety and restless. 

I drive with extra effort to stay focused, so I do not cause an accident, going over the things I need to remember when I get there. 
As I put the truck into park and grab my bag, I can feel my face getting flush, I feel alive and I sense my smile is bigger then normal. My cheeks are hurting.

I know exactly where he will be, it the same place he always is. He is dependable that way. I only ever see him there, so I know exactly where to look when I walk in. I can feel my heart beginning  to speed up a little, increasing my adrenalin and with it a youthful excitement. 

There he is, exactly where I knew he would be. As good looking as always. His devilishly handsome grin causes me to catch my breath. His boyish face and perfect hair is always the same, and its power over me never seems to diminish. 

As I walk closer I am trying to control my eagerness; I have been responsible for months now, always telling myself with a sigh, not now, but one day.

Today is different,  I can no longer control myself.... today he will be mine! I can't wait to have my hands on him and have him teach me everything he knows.

SO... I walked right up to that cookbook display at Safeway and "PLOP" went Jamie Oliver's new cookbook into my cart.
I can't wait to crack it open when I get home!

Sigh... An entire new love affair begins tonight with 347 new pages to explore and fall madly in love with.

La petite mort.


I am grateful for my stinking cute neighbors who made us this tonight! Bravo!! 

Along with being very well done and fun to look at, they tasted FANTASTIC!!! She made the skeleton out of white chocolate. And it took her seven hours to make three of these for her little brothers class! 

I am grateful for how much better stew tastes the next day. Even when its really good the first day. It still manages to be better on day two.

I am grateful for the kindness Physio Guy showed me today. Thankfully my ankle was not as bad as I thought it was. Because it was still sore he was gentle, which is not characteristic of him . And I only heard one crack about being injured while peeing, so thank you.



Amanda Adams said...

I really want to come for dinner sometime :D

Percy2626 said...

Oh Joelle! :D I thought this was going to be about Physio Guy. I should have know it was about food!!!! lol

That skeleton is super awesome!!! How old is the artist? So nice of her to do that for her brother and you guys.