Thursday, October 14


This morning I drove Seth to school with a bit of a burr in my saddle. We were late AGAIN, I hate being late when I drop off Seth at school. I feel dumb, I hate interrupting his teacher,and I hate apologizing. Even my most grown up outfit does not help me. I always feel like a punk kid who cant seem to get her crap together.....Deep exhale...

I was in a rush, and I did not turn my phone up like I always do before I leave. So when I finally got back out to my truck after I tried to sweetly (with a smile) drop Seth off 20 minutes late I checked my phone. When I did a text message popped up and I instantly felt a wave of nausea and terror.

My English fried Sam had, at 8:24 this morning text  me that she had just been in a car accident. I felt dizzy and shaky. I have, in my 32 years on this earth sadly lost many friends and some family members to auto mobile accidents. Even writing this brings back a deep low grade heartache.

After a few tense minutes trying to get a hold of someone who could tell me how she is, I finally spoke to Sam and heard she was okay. She cried, she was a bit shaken up, she told me the story, and then we laughed.  

Everyone involved was okay. Thankfully.


I am grateful, really really grateful that today ended how it did. I think my punch card for car accident funerals is way full thank you very much. No more please. 

Now your birthday present will be driving lessons ;)


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Mel said...

Wow, that's scary! Glad Sam is ok.