Tuesday, October 12

A glimmer of hope

I feel tonight that I possibly have a tiny glimmer of hope to offer other moms out there. A tiny little light at the often long and arduous and poo-smelling tunnel of motherhood. (Nora is still refusing to use the potty)

Today was not a super easy day. The shoes that fit Nora yesterday caused tears and screams this morning of  "Too small!" So we spent what felt like forever finding her a pair of shoes that not only fit, but that she liked. 

Ooh my good heavens. I have created a monster, albeit one with good taste, but a monster.

This afternoon at the dentist was not my favorite part of the day either with the Hygienist lecturing me on how to brush my children's teeth...

Then of course the dreaded witching hour, supper, bath, teeth (done extra properly thanks to my tutorial/demonstration this afternoon) and then bed. 

Ethan went with Drew to his cubs group and I stayed home to do laundry, clean, pull my hair out. You know?

I went up stairs in our bathroom to tidy up and I saw the pen a little out of place on our "I love you more than board". 

Now to explain, the first Christmas Drew and I were married I had asked him for something homemade. I can not for the life of me remember what I made him, but he made me this.
I believe he got everything for it from the local dollar store. Even the paint was from the dollar store. 

Now the way this game has been played for 11 years in our home is you just take your turn listing the things that you feel you really love, but that you love less then each other. 

Over the years some of the things that have made it on the board have been: Chocolate (obviously mine) Computers and technology (obviously not mine) clean sheets (obviously mine) sour candies (obviously not mine).

In the early years, Drew wrote once "all the grains of sand in the world"... gag now. 
But then I found it romantic.

You get the idea of the I love you more than game, So tonight when I went up to clean the bathroom, I noticed a new entry. It says "my DS" then under it (Like I didn't know who it was from) It says From Ethan.

I have never been really great at the baby stage, or a huge fan of it. I always knew I would be a much better mother to older children, and I tell ya, I really like this age. Ethan is so funny, and witty. Charming, and sometimes obnoxious, but for the most part fun.

So to all the moms out there in the great expanse of the world wide web, hang in there. There is an end to this madness. For some it will come sooner than for others. But it will come. Tomorrow is a new day! 


I am so unbelievably grateful for a family with humour. Tonight Gabe was sitting on the couch with Nora and I was in the kitchen. They were watching a movie before bed, and out of nowhere Gabe says to Nora, completely straight faced and without looking away from the TV, "Excellent farting Nora" She says back "Thanks Gabe".

I am grateful for this coming weekend. I'm going on a road trip to B.C. with my Dad Steve and my brother Dawson. Should be awesome!

I am grateful for a treadmill, and PVR. Two of the best gifts I have ever been given by Drew. Other than the I love you board, and my future tummy tuck.


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