Thursday, October 28

Food, food, dead cat.

I had such a great sleep last night, which makes up for the horrible sleep I had the night before. Nora had slept with me and I never sleep well when she is constantly touching me with her cold little toes and digging them into my back. What makes it worse is that I was so excited to have the entire bed to myself!

Today, I took on Jamie Oliver's fruit scones. I have had this recipe open and staring at me for the last week; taunting me. So today was the day. First trick to taking on this recipe was finding "clotted cream".
This ingredient was a huge deterrent to trying this recipe for a few days, I don't understand why anyone in England thought this was a good name for food. It makes me a little sick if I think about it too much. I am sure others will not find it as gross as I do but to me it was along the same lines as menstruation mashed potatoes or seeping syrup. Bodily functions should never accompany food names. Ever!

This morning I was able to find the cream, dried cherries, then Nora and I put Pink in the CD player and away we went. 

Nora in the obviously practical cooking outfit from her dance cookware line.
English Sam and the girls came over just as I was pulling the scones out of the oven.

I personally love scones, I love all baking, but I really love scones. I liked the cream on them, but only with the blackberry jam too. The cream itself was rather tasteless, but did add a nice richness and contrast to the overly sweet preserves.

I think they turned out alright.

Baby Lara loving my food.
Also today (because I was on a roll and really wanted to show off ) I made Stew and Yorkshire pudding too. One of my top three favorite comfort foods.

Today was a good food day.

Unrelated to all the delicious food I made...

Tonight after a late mom's night out I was driving everyone home and we saw some poor lady run over a cat. We got out to see if she was OK and see if we could help and she was horribly upset.  When we went over to check if the cat had a collar and move the cats body, it got hit again by a truck. Super awful. By the way Michelle you handled that REALLY well... screaming helped the situation a lot. 
I picked it up and moved it out of sight. Then the lady who hit it called the SPCA. And for anybody who thinks this sounds heartless because we didn't rush it to the animal emergency room, I assure you it was very dead.  The visible entrails and clotted cream were spread across the road.....

Lovely end to a lovely day.



I am grateful for my 3 hour chat with my dear friend Melanie this morning. This has been the week of visits with old friends. It was such a perfect start to this day. You always make me smile!

I am grateful for our beautiful boys and darling girl. I tried to give Ethan a hug tonight and he gave me the stiff body with his arms at his sides. It made me giggle. 

I am grateful for that money I won on my birthday from NOW radio. 

I bought dishes with it, and these are a few.
Bright beautiful dishes make me smile

I am really grateful for all the encouraging support I have received from people concerning my blog. Thank you. It is so wonderful to get feedback, and I feel lucky mine has been positive. 

I am grateful I have Physio tomorrow. I really need Physio Guy to fix this ankle for me. No pressure but I need it better in two days. 


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Mel said...

lol. I told the kids today how you picked up that poor cat, clotted cream and all! They think you were so brave to save that cat from getting ran over a third time!