Friday, October 22

Day Two of operation NO MORE DIAPERS

Did any of you wake up to the sound of Angels singing this morning??

This house did. Not only did Nora NOT wet the bed, she slept through the entire night.


We have been struggling for weeks with keeping her in her own bed, and sleeping through the night. I have been thinking she is only getting up because she has to pee, but then would wet herself and be cold. Very frustrating.

But last night we did not give her a drink before bed, and she was fine.

Now I realize this will not happen every night, but it gave me hope. I was so happy, that this morning she got to play with Mrs. Potts.

By this afternoon we have had two more accidents but still doing well.

Eye of the tiger has been playing in the distance all day long.

Cute story, this afternoon I was giving Nora another water bottle full of water to drink, and she says to me "mom I can't drink any more, don't you know that stuff makes me pee?" 
I said "that's the point Nora."
She says rolling her eyes and tilting her head, "well I wasn't sure you knew how it worked."

Unrelated note:  Ethan told me that his pants were uncomfortable this morning so I had him try on the size 10 jeans in the closet.  Sigh... my baby is getting gigantic!  My bet is this kid is going to be 6'6"!  Size 10 pants and size 5 shoe and he's only in grade 3!


I am grateful for Lysol wipes. 

I am grateful for the chocolate covered fruit Drew brought home for us all. It was wonderful and so thoughtful of him.

I am grateful Nora is doing well with this bathroom thing. Except she is scared to pee in any other toilet then ours. Not too sure what to do about this??



Amanda Adams said...

I will be honest...I kept a potty in the back of my car for months because katie had the same fear.....

p.s. That is the CUTEST picture ever!!!

J said...

AMANDA!!! you are brilliant!!! a potty in the car, THANK YOU!!!!

Leah M said...

That is brilliant Amanda, I'm gonna pass that one on to my friends with little ones, too!!

Super big high 5's to Nora!!