Thursday, October 21

Day One of operation NO MORE DIAPERS

This morning I have decided I am done with this diaper thing. I have never really put much effort into traditional potty training, mostly because with the boys I always had a tiny baby to take care of so I was never interested in the possible fight. But today, I decided I am willing to tackle this. I am sick of all this wasted money!

First thing this morning we drove to Walmart and found a toy Nora really really loves (the Mrs. Potts tea party set from the Beauty and the Beast). I bought a bag of Teddy Grahams, a bag of cheesy's, and a package of underwear. 

Once we returned home I strategically placed Mrs. Potts in a visible yet antagonizing location that she cannot reach yet can see from every location of the main level.  So every time she goes on the potty she gets a cookie and a cheesy. I am not sure how long you do this until she gets her Mrs. Potts prize, but I think we will just figure it out as we go.  I almost succumbed twice today with her begging and pleading and actual tears saying "Please mommy give me Mrs. Potts I went pee on the potty" but I was tough and said "No, you must pee MORE".

We are 6 trips to the potty down so far and no accidents.

This is looking promising.

REVISED 3 hours later - I have had 2 major pee accidents one on my leather couch and one in the middle of the floor, and 1 poop in the potty victory.  When she peed on my couch I was none too happy but then felt grateful that she hadn't pooped on my couch.  If that had happened, I seriously would have considered taking Mrs. Potts out of the box and smashing it into a million pieces in front of her... I'm only slightly joking.  

I have also decided at the end of this nonsense there should be a prize the mother receives for putting up with this potty training garbage.  My reward will be... 6 brightly colored latte bowls from Anthro.

This simple act is going to test every motherly/charitable cell in my body.  We will see how tonight will go without diapers at bedtime.  What the hell am I doing?!?!?!  


I am grateful for Edible Arrangements chocolate covered fruit boxes. I will get chocolate covered strawberries & banana's for Nora's potty prize tomorrow!!! She will love them! And so will the rest of us.

I am grateful Michelle was able to make me my apron for my Halloween costume, thank you!!

I am grateful for sleep.


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Amanda Adams said...

:D good luck Nora!! You can do it!!!! (as can you Joelle) We used Smarties with the kids and they worked magnificently!!!