Sunday, October 31

Introducing, Dear Mom

I was not planning on doing a post for today, but so much has happened that I do not want lose this opportunity.

This morning Ethan was asked to sing at a funeral for a 96 year old woman who passed this week, so him and I went. I am not a huge fan of funerals, I realize not many people are, but I have been to way too many for my liking and I just choose to not go. But because Ethan was asked, I went too.

It was actually kind of funny when I got the phone call asking if the kids would sing at it, I told the boys and asked if they would be interested? Gabe asked if he would see the dead body, I told him no, and they thought it would be a cool thing right before Halloween to see a real dead body.

This morning when decisions were being made Ethan was the only one not wigged out.

During the service I found it touching the things the grandson said about his grandmother. How she always had time for everyone, how loving she was, and her food. At one point the grandson even looked heaven ward and said "Amen for grandmas fried chicken" It made me think about what I would want to be remembered for, and the fond memories I have of my Grandmother and mother.

It got me thinking about the things we remember from our childhoods. The things that have made an impact in our lives. Some good, some not so good, but regardless they are there. It also made me think about what I want my funeral to be like, but that will come later.....


Saturday, October 30

In the spirit of Halloween-top 10 scariest things in my life

I thought in the spirit of this weekend it would be fun to think about a few of the scariest moments in my life. The true horrors and heart stoppers that I have had. I shudder and tremble thinking about some of these as I write them now.....

10-Imagining being eaten by animals while peeing in the trees on the side of the road. This one is not only scary, but dangerous as well.

9-Being late... and I don't mean not being on time for an appointment.

8-Having my ex boyfriend show up at my wedding reception. Not only show up, but start crying, and continue crying the entire night while sitting at one of the tables.

7-When I was an EMT one night I was with a different partner. My regular partner was off for the night so I was working with a guy I didn't really like, or know well. We were called to a house with no reason to think anything bad. When we went into the house my "fill in partner" walked in before me, and went into the living room and immediately turned around, and ran past me out of the house without saying ANYTHING. I had no idea why, so I walked into the room where the patient was. He was sitting in his chair and there was a shot gun with him, with another gun on the ground in front of him. That was Awesome! I almost pooped my pants.

6-Having the terrible misfortune of walking past a mirror (sans clothes) after giving birth. This one still gives me nightmares. Am I right ladies or am I right?

5-Playing bloody Mary in my basement when I was in grade school, and the mind games I play with myself when its really late at night and I am driving alone. For example when I'm on a back road, I always imagine the children of the corn walking out onto the road. Another perfect example is when I see dead animals on the road I keep imagining they are going to just get up and shake it off and then chase after me angrily. Like the other night for example, when Michelle started screaming I thought it was because the dead cat was getting up after being hit. 

4-The movies; Dolls, Gremlins (I was young), The Blair Witch project (this badboy kept me unable to sleep for weeks after watching it and I used to jump from the door to the bed when I went into my room so nobody from under the bed got me), my first labour and delivery video, Stephen King's IT, The ring (I actually only got through the first 30 minutes of the ring and I was WAY too scared and even more pathetic I watched it during the day!), Pet cemetery, Children of the corn, Shark boy and Lava girl - perhaps that is the scariest of all of these movies.

3-My dad used to wait outside of the bathroom door and scare the living crap out of you when you walked out. In kind of a role reversal we now do that to the children. There is nothing funnier in the world than scaring a 2 year old little girl.

2-Did I mention being Late?

There is a tie for number 1.... Drum roll please....

1- Janties (they are jean shorts cut so short they could be panties)


1-My first day of work as an EMT.


I am grateful for how much fun Drew and I had last night doing the last haul for the kids Halloween costumes. We made Ethan into a viking, spray painted a Tupperware lid into a vintage shield, made a plaid kilt, nipped and tucked the ninja costume, made sure Yoda was pressed and his ears stood up just right, and making 18 dozen cookies for the kids school parties. 

I am so grateful for warm tanning beds. Now before I get hate mail on this, I only go once or twice a week (max) for vitamin D in our 9 months of winter. 

I am grateful for Edo Japan tonight and how much the kids enjoyed it. And I am especially grateful that the boys school finally changed their hot lunch program and got rid of some of the crap! They now have Subway, Booster Juice and Edo Japan offerings. Obviously the kids don't get it every day but once per month it's a nice treat.

And I'm not sure if you heard my moaning but did you know I'm grateful for Jamie Oliver's new cookbook?

Have a Happy, Happy Halloween. I will return bright and early Monday morning. 


Just to put you in the mood:

Ghost Busters Theme Song

Michael Jackson-Thriller

Friday, October 29

If I were to moan is that inappropriate?

As it is with most days I see him, the morning starts out with excitement and anticipation. The thought of him brings a smile to my face and a spring in my step. As the time gets closer and closer to when I will see him, I have a hard time concentrating, I am fidgety and restless. 

I drive with extra effort to stay focused, so I do not cause an accident, going over the things I need to remember when I get there. 
As I put the truck into park and grab my bag, I can feel my face getting flush, I feel alive and I sense my smile is bigger then normal. My cheeks are hurting.

I know exactly where he will be, it the same place he always is. He is dependable that way. I only ever see him there, so I know exactly where to look when I walk in. I can feel my heart beginning  to speed up a little, increasing my adrenalin and with it a youthful excitement. 

There he is, exactly where I knew he would be. As good looking as always. His devilishly handsome grin causes me to catch my breath. His boyish face and perfect hair is always the same, and its power over me never seems to diminish. 

As I walk closer I am trying to control my eagerness; I have been responsible for months now, always telling myself with a sigh, not now, but one day.

Today is different,  I can no longer control myself.... today he will be mine! I can't wait to have my hands on him and have him teach me everything he knows.

SO... I walked right up to that cookbook display at Safeway and "PLOP" went Jamie Oliver's new cookbook into my cart.
I can't wait to crack it open when I get home!

Sigh... An entire new love affair begins tonight with 347 new pages to explore and fall madly in love with.

La petite mort.


I am grateful for my stinking cute neighbors who made us this tonight! Bravo!! 

Along with being very well done and fun to look at, they tasted FANTASTIC!!! She made the skeleton out of white chocolate. And it took her seven hours to make three of these for her little brothers class! 

I am grateful for how much better stew tastes the next day. Even when its really good the first day. It still manages to be better on day two.

I am grateful for the kindness Physio Guy showed me today. Thankfully my ankle was not as bad as I thought it was. Because it was still sore he was gentle, which is not characteristic of him . And I only heard one crack about being injured while peeing, so thank you.


Thursday, October 28

Food, food, dead cat.

I had such a great sleep last night, which makes up for the horrible sleep I had the night before. Nora had slept with me and I never sleep well when she is constantly touching me with her cold little toes and digging them into my back. What makes it worse is that I was so excited to have the entire bed to myself!

Today, I took on Jamie Oliver's fruit scones. I have had this recipe open and staring at me for the last week; taunting me. So today was the day. First trick to taking on this recipe was finding "clotted cream".
This ingredient was a huge deterrent to trying this recipe for a few days, I don't understand why anyone in England thought this was a good name for food. It makes me a little sick if I think about it too much. I am sure others will not find it as gross as I do but to me it was along the same lines as menstruation mashed potatoes or seeping syrup. Bodily functions should never accompany food names. Ever!

This morning I was able to find the cream, dried cherries, then Nora and I put Pink in the CD player and away we went. 

Nora in the obviously practical cooking outfit from her dance cookware line.
English Sam and the girls came over just as I was pulling the scones out of the oven.

I personally love scones, I love all baking, but I really love scones. I liked the cream on them, but only with the blackberry jam too. The cream itself was rather tasteless, but did add a nice richness and contrast to the overly sweet preserves.

I think they turned out alright.

Baby Lara loving my food.
Also today (because I was on a roll and really wanted to show off ) I made Stew and Yorkshire pudding too. One of my top three favorite comfort foods.

Today was a good food day.

Unrelated to all the delicious food I made...

Tonight after a late mom's night out I was driving everyone home and we saw some poor lady run over a cat. We got out to see if she was OK and see if we could help and she was horribly upset.  When we went over to check if the cat had a collar and move the cats body, it got hit again by a truck. Super awful. By the way Michelle you handled that REALLY well... screaming helped the situation a lot. 
I picked it up and moved it out of sight. Then the lady who hit it called the SPCA. And for anybody who thinks this sounds heartless because we didn't rush it to the animal emergency room, I assure you it was very dead.  The visible entrails and clotted cream were spread across the road.....

Lovely end to a lovely day.



I am grateful for my 3 hour chat with my dear friend Melanie this morning. This has been the week of visits with old friends. It was such a perfect start to this day. You always make me smile!

I am grateful for our beautiful boys and darling girl. I tried to give Ethan a hug tonight and he gave me the stiff body with his arms at his sides. It made me giggle. 

I am grateful for that money I won on my birthday from NOW radio. 

I bought dishes with it, and these are a few.
Bright beautiful dishes make me smile

I am really grateful for all the encouraging support I have received from people concerning my blog. Thank you. It is so wonderful to get feedback, and I feel lucky mine has been positive. 

I am grateful I have Physio tomorrow. I really need Physio Guy to fix this ankle for me. No pressure but I need it better in two days. 


Wednesday, October 27

Almost 100

I have blogged thus far 95 times, and so the rest of this week I'm working on ways to improve and make my next one hundred a little more special and a lot less about potty's.

I have a migraine today that I'm battling; I don't really appreciate it - it came at a rather inconvenient time but really when is it ever convenient to become violently ill, hypersensitive to light and sound and super dizzy?  Definitely not today at Walmart, that's for sure!


I'm grateful for headache medication.  Really, really grateful for headache medication.

I'm grateful that Drew can type this so I can go to bed.

I'm grateful for how excited I am for my upcoming blog posts.  I think they'll be a lot of fun.  

I'm grateful that the weather is actually colder so I can wear long pants and socks to hide my ugly yellow bruising on my sprained ankle.  


Tuesday, October 26

Thumbs up to potty's in the car

My friend Amanda is a wonder-woman, all knowing, all creative genius!

The potty in the back of my truck is a 10 out of 10 my friend. Nora went pee in it 3 times today while we were out, and I think for that, she deserves a round of applause! Take a bow!!

The Snow today was a drag, as it is with most "first snow days" mostly everyone who lives in this beautiful land of ours forgets how to drive in the white stuff, thus causing accident upon accident upon accident. 
When I was an EMT I used to love first snow days, but I was twisted back then and way too eager for experience. I am no longer interested in seeing accidents from any distance.

Today was a typical first snow day, and I was 50 minutes late dropping off Seth because of all the snow and people re-learning what that means for their commute. 

Another joy this morning was Drew had his winter tires put on his car, and when the tire guys opened the tires from their storage bags, they found a nail in one of the tires. SO a new set of tires was purchased this morning. Joy Joy Joy...It is such a good thing we planted that money tree in the back yard last summer, or life sure would be unpleasant  *eye roll*

Drew is out of town, yet again, but with him gone I get to watch my episodes of Oprah and project runway that I have PVR'd so the night will not be a total loss. 

Nora slowly making her way to the truck, playing in the snow.

I am grateful for the visit with my friend Gillian. We have not seen each other in 12 almost 13 years. There is nothing like friends that are so wonderful that is does not feel like any time has passed since the last time you saw each other.  

I am grateful for the ENTIRE BED TO MYSELF TONIGHT!!!!!!

I am grateful for my awesome boots, they are great! along with that...

I am grateful I bought the boys new boots a few weeks ago, I was not panicked at all this morning when I saw the snow all over. 

I am going to just go ahead and give myself a gold star for that move, if you don't mind.


Monday, October 25

Monday Monday

Normally I am not a fan of Mondays, but today is a good one. Nora has woken up dry 4 out of 5 days in a row now, and we have not had an accident during the day for 3 days!!! Operation no more diapers (I feel) is going marvelously.  I can see my latte bowls adorning my breakfast table in the not so distant future.

Small shout out to Amanda for the advice on the potty in the car, got one and I will let you know how it goes.  Way better than the advice that Sam gave me, which was to carry the little potty topper (that goes inside of a real toilet seat) with me at all times so she would feel more comfortable on every public toilet.  And then to carry Lysol wipes with me to clean it off before I stick it back in my purse!  Forgive her, she still is learning about me.

The only part about this weekend that has been less then fantastic is that I sprained my ankle. AGAIN!

I stepped on it funny last weekend on my trip with my Dad and brother.

We had made one of 78 pee stops, and me being the only girl, had to find a more wooded area than my traveling companions. I don't think I would have put as much effort into finding a really secluded spot before I had children, but since, I take extra precautions to ensure no permanent mental damage to any unfortunate passerby under the age of 40 that might accidentally catch a glimpse of my backside.

I walked up to what seemed like an okay spot and went. I was thinking to myself as I was going pee, "I wonder if there are any animals watching me right now?"
I kind of scared myself thinking this. I remember Drew telling me once that if you have been out in the bush (for whatever length of time he said) you more than likely have been tracked by a cougar. So as I was peeing my heart was beginning to pick up a steady pace of 120 beats per minute. I finished my stuff and quickly began my way down the little hill and carelessly stepped on a twig/branch. It was such a sharp pain that I fell to the ground.

Trying to play it cool and not get eaten by any animal that clearly saw my disabled performance and now is about to go in for the kill, I bounced up and got back into the truck and calmed down. My ankle started a dull ache right away.
It has been hurting more since I stepped on it wrong again since returning home and on Friday it was bruised and sore all the way up to my knee. I was grumpy all day Saturday and feeling rather sorry for myself.

Now I sheepishly get to go to physio this week and explain how I re-hurt myself whilst peeing in the forest to Physio guy. I am sure I will not hear the end of this for a long time.

One (of a few good things) that happened to me this weekend was I had the opportunity to chat with my dear friend Amy. I love her. We have been friends since we were in grade 4 together.
So Amy, this Music Monday is for you. And for all the recesses we spent out side making up dance routines with our ghetto blasters.

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby - obviously a favorite from our time. Can you even believe his pants in this video?

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract 

(Heavy D and the Boys - Now That We Found Love)

MC Hammer - Can't Touch This

(Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride)

(Snow - Informer)

If you take a look over there----------------------------------------------------------
You will see a new addition to my page (the envelope that says e-mail me). That way you can reach me if you ever have anything you would like to share and do not feel comfortable leaving a comment. Or you want to heckle me for something I wrote. I encourage both. 


I am grateful for the new winter boots Drew bought me this weekend as a direct result of my newly re-sprained ankle. They are not super pretty, but very comfortable and I think I will be safe when the snow comes THIS WEEK.  For all of you who are not Canadian's this is a true story. We will have snow this week. I can only remember one Halloween since Drew and I were married (11 years) that there was not snow for Trick or Treating.
That is why it is vital for Canadians to have a sense of humour, or we would lose our minds from the sometimes 8 months of snow.

I am truly grateful for family dinners on Sundays. I don't understand why they have the power to make me feel the way they do, but there is really something magical about family dinners and the conversation that comes from them.  

I am truly and deeply grateful for how hard Drew works for our family, that he affords me the opportunity to continue to go to Physio until I am truly better.  You take very good care of us, my dearest.

I am grateful for good friends that care about us a lot.  


Friday, October 22

Day Two of operation NO MORE DIAPERS

Did any of you wake up to the sound of Angels singing this morning??

This house did. Not only did Nora NOT wet the bed, she slept through the entire night.


We have been struggling for weeks with keeping her in her own bed, and sleeping through the night. I have been thinking she is only getting up because she has to pee, but then would wet herself and be cold. Very frustrating.

But last night we did not give her a drink before bed, and she was fine.

Now I realize this will not happen every night, but it gave me hope. I was so happy, that this morning she got to play with Mrs. Potts.

By this afternoon we have had two more accidents but still doing well.

Eye of the tiger has been playing in the distance all day long.

Cute story, this afternoon I was giving Nora another water bottle full of water to drink, and she says to me "mom I can't drink any more, don't you know that stuff makes me pee?" 
I said "that's the point Nora."
She says rolling her eyes and tilting her head, "well I wasn't sure you knew how it worked."

Unrelated note:  Ethan told me that his pants were uncomfortable this morning so I had him try on the size 10 jeans in the closet.  Sigh... my baby is getting gigantic!  My bet is this kid is going to be 6'6"!  Size 10 pants and size 5 shoe and he's only in grade 3!


I am grateful for Lysol wipes. 

I am grateful for the chocolate covered fruit Drew brought home for us all. It was wonderful and so thoughtful of him.

I am grateful Nora is doing well with this bathroom thing. Except she is scared to pee in any other toilet then ours. Not too sure what to do about this??


Thursday, October 21

Day One of operation NO MORE DIAPERS

This morning I have decided I am done with this diaper thing. I have never really put much effort into traditional potty training, mostly because with the boys I always had a tiny baby to take care of so I was never interested in the possible fight. But today, I decided I am willing to tackle this. I am sick of all this wasted money!

First thing this morning we drove to Walmart and found a toy Nora really really loves (the Mrs. Potts tea party set from the Beauty and the Beast). I bought a bag of Teddy Grahams, a bag of cheesy's, and a package of underwear. 

Once we returned home I strategically placed Mrs. Potts in a visible yet antagonizing location that she cannot reach yet can see from every location of the main level.  So every time she goes on the potty she gets a cookie and a cheesy. I am not sure how long you do this until she gets her Mrs. Potts prize, but I think we will just figure it out as we go.  I almost succumbed twice today with her begging and pleading and actual tears saying "Please mommy give me Mrs. Potts I went pee on the potty" but I was tough and said "No, you must pee MORE".

We are 6 trips to the potty down so far and no accidents.

This is looking promising.

REVISED 3 hours later - I have had 2 major pee accidents one on my leather couch and one in the middle of the floor, and 1 poop in the potty victory.  When she peed on my couch I was none too happy but then felt grateful that she hadn't pooped on my couch.  If that had happened, I seriously would have considered taking Mrs. Potts out of the box and smashing it into a million pieces in front of her... I'm only slightly joking.  

I have also decided at the end of this nonsense there should be a prize the mother receives for putting up with this potty training garbage.  My reward will be... 6 brightly colored latte bowls from Anthro.

This simple act is going to test every motherly/charitable cell in my body.  We will see how tonight will go without diapers at bedtime.  What the hell am I doing?!?!?!  


I am grateful for Edible Arrangements chocolate covered fruit boxes. I will get chocolate covered strawberries & banana's for Nora's potty prize tomorrow!!! She will love them! And so will the rest of us.

I am grateful Michelle was able to make me my apron for my Halloween costume, thank you!!

I am grateful for sleep.


Wednesday, October 20

Just like the old days

A few months ago I caught wind that my father (Steve) and my brother Dawson were planning a trip out to the island (Nanaimo, British Columbia) to pick up old furniture from England (from Steve's parents). I have no idea why, but I really wanted to go. So when plans were being finalized I decided, yup, I 'm coming.
Drew stayed with the children, and I headed down on Friday afternoon to Calgary, to meet with Dawson and Steve and then we took off.

A 3 day adventure, over 2000 Km's, and it would be just us three. I was really excited.

Friday around 5:30pm we loaded up and we were off.

This is where I sat (in the back) I am the shortest so it was better for me to be in the back. Thankfully Dawson traded once in a while.
We are ready to go, but then Steve decided to wash the truck. No surprise to anyone who knows my dad.
This was my view the entire trip.  My dad purchased this headdress souvenir a few years ago and I tried to move it so I could get a clear shot for my drive but not only is it wire wrapped, it is wire wrapped and tied around the rear view mirror.  You know... in case somebody breaks into the truck to steal it :)
When I was younger and we would go on trips as a family, I always had to go pee first. I remember going on long trips and having to stop 15 minutes or so from our house. It was never good. Steve would always get annoyed and make a big deal about how small my bladder was... yada yada. I was determined on this trip to hold it for days if I had to. I was, under NO circumstance, going to be the first person who had to pee.
I also remember Steve making up this story that when I did have to pee, he would say that a tree would grow where you peed, and on that tree would grow three little leaves, and on those leaves it would say "Joelle peed here" so everyone in the world knew you couldn't hold it.

Stupid I know, but I actually believed him, and would check every time we drove past a spot I knew I had stopped at.

So on this trip I was determined, and I want the entire world to know that not only was I NOT the first person who had to stop, STEVE JONES WAS!!!!!!!! 

I see a tree growing Jonesy!
There were some food stops along the way. In Golden B.C. we found this little dinner and we had amazing food here, completely worth a stop if you ever are heading through. The parking lot was packed with trucks. Always a great way to tell if the food is any good.

Steve's Ruben, Unreal how delicious it was!
I craved it the rest of the trip.

Dawson's pizza. Also just as good the next morning.
After dinner we drove another hour and stopped at a motel in Revelstoke. Such a beautiful little town.  First situation that Joelle did not think through very well... how sleeping arrangements would go with my brother and my dad.  Gratefully Steve was more prepared and got a room with two queens - the two stinky men got to sleep together and I (Her Majesty) got a bed all to myself!


Revelstoke bridge, very early Saturday  morning

On the trip Steve would talk to us about motorbikes. Safety, driving techniques, and things to watch for. Steve has had a bike for as long as I can remember, and both Dawson and I want to get one too. Last year for my birthday we were all going to get our licence, but plans changed after the quad accident. Maybe next year.

I love this picture (taken out the side window BTW)

Chase B.C This is where we go in the summer, I have never seen the lake in the fall.  It is just as beautiful.
Grandpa showing off his guns during lunch. We stopped off for food and a quick visit.

No perogies, but there is nothing better then Grandmas cooking! 

After the visit we went down to the river to see the Salmon run. I have seen this majestic event only on National Geographic. Fish leaping into the air to make this harrowing journey upstream to spawn. Bears catching these fish mid jump.... that's what I expected. Anyway, it was really interesting seeing it for real. I have heard for years how amazing it is, and this was my chance to witness this fascinating event of endurance and sacrifice in nature. What you don't see/experience while watching this event on T.V with Oprah narrating and music playing in the back is the putrid, and overwhelmingly pungent odor. It was nauseating where we were, which apparently was mild (so we were told). There are dead bloated salmon all over that are rotting and have developed this thick white jelly on them. It was awful. I realize this should not have been so surprising, but it was. Some guy on the ferry in Vancouver told us his dog rolled on some fish one year and it took him weeks to get rid of the smell....gag!
Me looking/smelling the fish.....gag
I can still smell it...wretch
Dawson distracting me from the smell...gag still

The drive from Kamloops to Vancouver was supposed to be only 4 hours. We decided our goal was to catch the 5pm ferry. 

On our way into Vancouver we had to do a quick stop at my Cousin Stacey's house, putting us behind schedule.  My cousin Chris saved the day with his ninja car moves (Chris and Allison below, wonder dog Pedro barely visible) so we could escape the "major" traffic going into Vancouver. We only hit the "minor" traffic...pft

Vancouver traffic.

Then we arrived in Vancouver and HOLY COW that was traffic like I have never seen. What was going to take 4 hours took us 9.  NINE HOURS!!! We missed the 7pm ferry and thankfully caught the 9pm ferry to the island.  Which as a side note they only started running the 9pm ferry last week - had they not, we would have been pooched.  

We will never live in Vancouver.

Finally on the ferry.

 It was such a long day. We arrived at my grandfathers house just before midnight.

This is Murieal.  My grandfathers girlfriend.  She is one spicy chick.

This is Clive.  Or C-Dog as he is lovingly referred to by Dawson.
In the morning we took a walk down by the ocean, it smelled so much better. I loved seeing all the boats.
The best Fish and Chips I have had in years!

Everywhere I looked there was these beautiful  plants with HUGE feather like things. I wanted to bring some home but the truck was too full.
Monday morning came way too early, we left my grandfathers place at 5:30am but I had been up since 4 am.

We caught the 6:30 ferry back to Vancouver and as soon as we got out of the truck, Steve realized he had locked his keys inside on the seat. This picture is Dawson and Steve looking for the spare that was nowhere to be found. Using the glowstick app on my iPhone which was a piece of crap and not helpful under a truck whilst on a ferry.
This is the crew member that saved our bacon. He was so good, and quick I am sure they hired him because of his criminal past of B & E's.
How beautiful it was on the ferry

Cold and windy, but beautiful.

The boat was tipsy and made me a little queasy and unsure if I would ever be able to go on a cruise.  That coupled with the fear of falling in made for an awesome view.
This is Merrit B.C. The small town where Sylvester Stallon's Rambo movie First Blood was filmed.  The bridge is actually the one the Police offer drops him off at for any of you First Blood fans.
First Blood
Another Pee stop where we began playing the throw game. We would pick an object  and take turns throwing rocks at it. I won 2 out of the 3 stops we played this game!!!! Eat it Dawson!!

This accident (actually the second we passed on this trip) set us back 45 minutes.
During which we played the hold your breath game, and dice. 
The first accident was a semi truck that had clearly been burning all night - there was nothing left of it.  
I had such a great time with you both. 
I will cherish this trip forever. 
You were so fun to go with. Thank you!!!

 This trip:

I am grateful for all the music we listened to. It was just like the old days.

I am grateful for laughing so hard we had to stop for  bathroom breaks.

I am grateful for Drew who knew I would need a day to sleep after getting in at 3am.

I am grateful families can be together forever.

I love you guys!