Monday, September 13

The weekend I had to turn on the furnace, and the Monday that followed.

This weekend was no different then any other, but there were a few highlights of learning moments.

Saturday was a cleaning day, nothing abnormal there.
But later that night I thought I would be a nice mom and make cookies for the kids, turns out Ethan has the same talent as the rat on Ratatouille. Only Ethan has a gift for smelling fruit at 100 paces.Ethan hates fruit!
I thought I was being so clever putting raspberry puree into the oatmeal cookies then  disguising them with chocolate chips...So I thought.
Ethan had one bite and pushes the cookie away.
Whats wrong Ethan?
I just don't like them.
WHAT? Why don't you like them?
I don't know, I just really don't like them, they taste weird.

Sunday morning was so very cold in our house, there was no more avoiding it, the furnace had to come on.
It is only September but it is rather chilly now.
Sweater and jean weather, my favorite. I love all the beautiful colours on the trees, I love this season. I just hate heating bills.

Sunday was kind of an exciting one for me. I have been the primary President in our church for the last 2 years and I have just been released.
I use the word released because its voluntary, so they asked another woman to do it now. I feel mixed about it, but it was time. I have really come to love the children, but with my busy days now driving Seth, it was time for me to be done.

So this Sunday was my first Sunday back since my release. We arrived to church late, that should come as no surprise to any mother in the world, because no matter what you have planned, if you have children you will never be on time. Regardless of the fact that we have been going to church now as a family for just shy of 12 years, EVERY SUNDAY IS BAND NEW, It is like its our first day going every Sunday. No one seems to remember that they need to get dressed, comb their hair, put on shoes, eat, or that we leave at 8:45. It makes me insane quite honestly.I want to pull out my already short hair.

I calmed down a little on the drive to the chapel.We, of course, were late for church and when we went to sit down, we sat beside a family that has a little girl who has been talked about in my blog already...she's the little girl who kicked my broken ankle. We have a history me and this little one.

When I sat beside her she was smiling at me, she held my hand and said, "hi, I miss you in Primary"
I was so touched, I felt a pang in my heart, and kind of missed Primary a tiny bit.
Then, while she was still hold my hand, she leaned forward and put her face on her legs. I was feeling so happy and listening to the speaker, (my legs were crossed and I was wearing a pencil skirt, not noticing the little girl had turned her head towards my legs)  all of a sudden the most incredible sharp pain shot through me, the little girl bit the under part of my leg.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to do a few things, but I held my tongue. Then she looked up at me with a devilish smile, I said to her"please don't hurt me that's not nice" while I was telling her this she reached up to my arm and pinched under my arm. Really twisted the skin under my arm, you know the really tender part under your muscle. My blood pressure shot up and I wanted to toss her across the room. Instead I got up and sat in the row ahead of her with Seth.

Funny thing, any feelings I had about missing primary all of a sudden were gone?

Sunday school was a huge disaster too. I have not been there in years, I found it so different being taught and learning and not being the one entertaining children. I liked it. Until I noticed  the lady across from me scratching her hair. I did not think much of it at first, but then I noticed her really really scratching her hair and I saw little white flakes falling from her head. Then she would stop, dust off all the little flakes and resume scratching again. She did this for almost the entire class...shutter.

 I did not hear much that was talked about that hour.

Later that afternoon we went to Drew's parents house because they are leaving to go on a European cruise for 10 days next week. They fly to Sweden get on their ship, and cruise to Amsterdam. Stopping along the way to see castles and markets and beautiful things. Obviously this sounds horrible to me, I am amazed at my ability to listen to all the plans and keep form gagging...sigh...Is that believable to anyone. I am trying to refrain form crying envy tears as I change yet another poop filled diaper today. I am now on Number 7. True story.
Could you even imagine how wonderful and romantic a cruise like that would be? And did I mention the food?

I am so excited to live through her and see pictures of everything, I have begged my mother in law to send a little note everyday of what she sees and eats. I begged her PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE FOOD!!!

 It will be glorious!

As I am writing this I just changed poop diaper #8...

This morning when I woke up I decided I am done waiting for Drew to do the reno's I have been asking him, no begging him to do for the last year. (painting mostly) So while I was driving back from dropping off Seth this morning  I thought, what's wrong with you? Why don't you just do it? I am a capable women right?? Right?
So I did. I pulled out all the paint, the brushes and rollers. I got set up and I did it. And I think It looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! Except for the small spot where I painted the roof, but Kim called and told me to use white out to do all touch ups. Other then that it looks perfect!

And tonight I will do the upstairs doors, and tomorrow will be the bathroom. We shall see how this goes?
Maybe I will be able to add a talent section to my blog?
Ya right.


I am grateful both my in-laws are healthy enough to go on this once in a life time trip. I am really excited for them.

I am grateful English friends Sam and Dean are moving into town. It was so nice of the universe to send them all the way over here to hang with us.

I am grateful the cleanse I started this weekend of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water actually tastes good. I am on day 3 now, so we shall see.

I am grateful I am able to see light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I have 2 more years until all the kids are in school. Today I was looking at classes that interest me. Kind of exciting!


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