Tuesday, September 14

Tooth fairy building a castle

Seth went to school this morning with a loose tooth. 
He was really excited because this is his first one. When I picked him up this afternoon I was shocked it was still intact. I thought for sure it would have been wiggled out during the day. 
When we were walking out to the truck I asked how his day went. 
He climbed into the truck, sat down, and pop! 
MOM my tooth is out! 

Wow buddy, that's cool, good job. 
Mom, what will the tooth fairy do with my tooth?
I am not sure Seth, last I heard they were all collected to help clog the oil leakage in the gulf; they were mixing the teeth with golf balls, I heard BP was taking all the credit for the idea too... he looks at me with a furrowed brow, his head sideways and blood dripping from his mouth like I am a complete idiot.

Sorry Seth, what do you think she does with them?
He says mom, how do you know its a girl?
True buddy, it might be a boy fairy.
No mom it's a girl, I was just making sure you knew it COULD be a boy.
Sorry, you are correct, my mistake.

So what does the fairy do with the teeth she collects Seth?
He answers very matter of factly, she builds castles with them.
That's really disgusting, why does she do that?
Not sure mom, she does lots of weird things.

About 20 minutes has passed now...

Yes Seth,
What if I decide to keep it?
Keep what?
My tooth.
Ooh, well, ugh.... why would you want to keep it?
So I could brush it and play with it.
No sorry; it's important we let the tooth fairy do her job. 
He thinks this over for a second... then he says that is acceptable.

So when we arrive at home, he puts this at the front door.

Seth, what are you doing love?
I thought this would be easier for the tooth fairy, then she won't have to come into my room. 
That would be creepy when I am sleeping.

So I made sure the tooth fairy stopped off at the bank machine on the way home.

A funny story about Tooth fairies: My girlfriend told me the first time her daughter had lost a tooth she phoned her husband and asked him to get some cash on his way home. He had gone out after work for drinks with his friends and did not get home till late after my friend was in bed.
When he got home after a "few" he went in his daughters room and slipped a bill under her pillow, in the morning her daughter bolted into their room, jumped on her bed, so excited yelling "look what the tooth fairy brought me mom!"
My friend said she felt sick and breathless when she saw the 50 dollar bill waving in her little girls hands.


I am grateful that Physio guy makes me work out so hard because tonight when I ran out to get diapers I got hit on ;)
Momma's still got it!
(did i mention I was carrying diapers too?)

I am grateful Drew and I are no longer fighting. He has seen the error of his ways and fully admits I am right. Apology accepted. He should learn how to be humble like me, it makes life WAY easier.  *cough, cough*

I remember 9 years ago after the twin towers went down in NY, some paramedics had been asked to fly down (from Canada) to help with the search. I remember feeling very scared and unsure about bringing a child into this world with all this chaos, I was pregnant with our first at the time..
I was nervous about Drew getting hurt if he went down to help, having just lost my medic partner a year before that in a car accident.
I remember that entire week feeling so sick for the families and all the emergency personnel lost and looking for their lost friends that some nights I could not sleep, all I did was cry.
My heart ached for them all.
I am grateful that pain does go away, hearts do heal, and that you can, in due time, feel hope again.


Anonymous said...

what a fun blog!!!! How am I just discovering it now! I'm bookmarking it.

Leah M said...

Gee, thanks for running the gammet(sp?) of emotions today!! Laughing, laughing, laughing! And then sober, NYC moment. I too, reflected much this weekend; how crazy and unsure things were then and how things have changed and not changed since.
Thanks doll!