Tuesday, September 28



I am grateful for friends that have healed my heart. 

I am grateful for how I have been feeling lately. I have been on a search for balance (Drew and I both have been) over the last few months and I am feeling like we maybe have figured a few things out.

I am grateful for good food, and how it has the magical power to bring people together.

I am grateful for a beautiful life. For creative children, Ethan made the Eiffel tower tonight out of Lego and said "I have dreamed about it so I decided to build it" I would like to see it for real one day.....very cool kid!

I am grateful for the sweet friend who brought over home made cinnamon buns for my birthday today. Thanks so much Kim

I am grateful Drew's parents get home from their European cruise tomorrow, I can not wait to hear about everything they saw and ate.

I am grateful for the Yoda costume I found on Kijiji for Seth, I can't wait to go pick it up tomorrow. 


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