Monday, September 20

A good laugh for a cold Monday

This weekend was cold. Really cold. I am not loving this at all. Especially that I had to pull out the kids coats, mittens, and touques  (for my american readers that is a winter hat...I think you call them beanies) to get ready for school tomorrow. 

To off set the awful weather and the fact that all I want to do is cry because Drew's mom and dad are in Europe boarding a cruise ship to sail from Sweden to Amsterdam and Drew's mom (Diane) told me before she left that there was no way she could send me pictures every day of the castles and the food. Now I have to wait for 10 days to see all the amazing things in Europe....sigh.... I have decided to do something a little different for this Monday morning.

I am going to show you a few things that make me laugh really hard, and give you a few of my favorite tunes to help with laundry/cleaning/watching TV/potty training/food prep/painting your toes/ dying your hair/go to work/returning home from jail after a really rough weekend....whatever you are doing this morning.

I wish you all the best this very cold Monday morning from my house to yours!

(Guy freaks out during hidden camera ghost prank)

SNL - Justin Timberlake ignore the flag in the beginning and the weird music, its the only full version of the video on Youtube.

More Scare Tactics

 here are a few songs that are on the top of my play list right now.

(Pink - So What)

(Jill Barber - Oh My My)

(Train - Hey, Soul Sister)

Have a great day!


I am grateful for two really good nights of sleep.I feel great.

I am grateful Drew helped me with quite a bit of painting this weekend!

I am grateful Monika has her baby in 2 more weeks! I am really excited for the Crowfoots!!


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Monika Crowfoot said...

:) makayah loves "hey, soul sister." sam sings it to her all the time and changes the words so they sing, "your lickstick stains..." lol.

i am grateful for you! :D