Saturday, September 18

Seths Arch Enemy

Drew picked up Seth from school today and when they were walking out to the car Seth pointed to this child and says to Drew. 
That's my arch enemy
Drew said arch Enemy?
Seth said Ya, and pointed to a little boy named Jake
Drew asked, why is he your arch enemy?
Seth said because he hits me at recess. 
Drew and Seth walked out to the car to continue the conversation.
Drew asked, Does he hit you every recess?
Seth answered yes.
Have you told your teacher?
Have you told him to stop?
Seth said yes, a thousand times!
Is there a supervisor at recess?
Seth says yes, but she just plays.
Ooh, well what do you do when he hits you?
Seth says I hit him back, then I run and hide.

We are so proud. Just like we taught, left, right, uppercut....bob and jab.


I am grateful for the pizza, and the stroller from yesterday.

I am grateful for a night out with a friend who loves food as much as I do.

I am grateful tomorrows is family pictures.


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