Wednesday, September 29

Ooh it could have been so good....

I am sad to report my blog post for today is not as good as it really could have been. 

Drew is sick, he has been sick for around a month now and he finally went to the doctors this afternoon. And like always Drew has a sinus infection. Drew gets a sinus infection about three times a year, so he gets the standard antibiotics...blah blah blah. But this time the doctor gave him a neilmed, it is like a neti pot. It is a plastic bottle that you put distilled water in, shove it up your nose and squirt 240 mL or 8 ounces of water into your sinus's to clean them out of all the crap that is making it hard to breath and making you a constant dripping tap of snot.

When my brother Dawson went to school to become a yoga instructor they talked about Neti, only they discussed using your own urine for the neti. (Dawson did NOT do this) they were just taught about it. Dawson said when he tried the distilled water neti it was amazing. He said all his class members did it and everyone was saying how much better things smelled, and how much better they felt overall.

So tonight I have been so excited for Drew to do this neti, mostly because it would give me something to Blog about. Yes of course I was fully intending on giggling the entire time, who wouldn't? And I was going to take pictures so everybody could enjoy.

Alas... Drew said he will have no part of the neti.... sigh.... Ooh what could have been. 
I asked him, "why not try it if it will make you feel better?"
He says (in a bit of a snippy voice) Its gross and it won't make me better.
I replied, I will do it too, thinking this might coerce him.
He says "Thats ridiculous, if I got my leg amputated would you do it too?"
Uuh, No? And I am not sure how the two are at all comparable....
I said (in a last ditch effort to try and convince him) it will be really great,
to which he snapped, No it will be really funny, not great. 

Those two words are very interchangeable for me right now.... giggle.

So after about 30 minutes of him being grumpy, and refusing to try it, I have decided I am going to give it a whirl.

Pause.... I am going to go do it and I will return with a full report!

Unpause... Okay I am back, Let me just say. THAT WAS RAD! I will definitely be doing that again! I'll even throw a Neti party it was so cool.

It feels a little awkward squirting water up your nose, but my past life as a cocaine addict made that easier. 
I can see how Drew was not super eager to give it a try, if you have any fear of drowning this might not be something you will enjoy, but I can see what Dawson was talking about, I can breath way easier. It was not painful at all. I was thinking it would be like swimming and you get water up your nose, that burning feeling, but it wasn't. I guess that is why you use distilled water. 

After I did the neti, I had to go pick up Drew a treat (chocolate Areo Bubbles) because he is a bit testy now, 
So I will say it here, I am sorry for trying to pressure you to neti, although it would have been super funny, I am sorry ;) I love you, poutypants.

Also on this very wet day, I spent the day collecting things for Nora's princess tea party this Saturday. 
If the garrish dress she picked out today at Value Village is any indication of how this party will roll, I think we are all in for a very good time!


I am grateful my Blood pressure is 99/46. I took it tonight while I was picking up Drew's medication.  My blood pressure is always low... I really don't know why I wrote this one. I guess tonight I'm grateful that I won't stroke out in my sleep.

I am grateful for my washing machine, it does a great job.

I am grateful that my dear friend Monika is having her baby in one more day. I told her having it on the 1st of Oct would be the best, but something to do with Sam's classes...blah blah blah
Everyone please send her love and happy thoughts today, another dark haired, world changing beauty is about to enter this world. I can not wait to meet and love her!



Sam and/or Monika said...

hahaha, sam's classes - pfft! i know! ;)

lots of love to you all!

Amber :-) said...

The neti rocks....I had to break down and try it a few months ago....sometimes the promise of being able to breath through your nose again out ways the grossness of what you are about to do...and it was sooo worth it!!! can show Drew that testimonial for the Neti and maybe he will give it a try ;-)

Leah M RRT! said...

Okay, wierd neti girl!
This RT appreciates being cleared of snot, and I am more than happy to shoot the saline or distilled H2O up someone elses nose, but I don't think I could do it to myself! Hats off to ya, girl!
And YOU may be thrilled not to stroke out over your low blood pressure, but please eat just a little more salt, so I don't have to worry about you passing out, either!! Just get it up a little over 100 systolic, okay?? :)