Thursday, September 16

Noras diapers go on strike

 Let me start explaining today by saying Drew is out of town...of course.

This morning Nora wanted to dress up in her Eeyore costume. So charming and cute. I love when the kids are little individuals, I envy that lack of care. She loves it so she wore it. 

The morning began as a pleasant one.

We are getting family pictures done this weekend and so I needed to pick up a shirt for the boys, Drew included.
So we headed to the mall after dropping off Seth.
When we arrived we went to winners because they open before everyone else.
I grabbed a cart, put Nora in the big part and went over to the men's dress shirt section and found some really nice things for Drew. I was unsure what one he would like the most so I hung  the three beside each other and started taking pictures of them to send to him. I was clearly not paying enough attention to Nora and when I, heard her say "I'm pretty" I looked up and saw that my brand new lipstick container was out in her hands and broken...and then I saw her. She is so pretty!

Another mother walked by as all of this was going on and thankfully she had wipes with her. I obviously a more experienced mother did not think to bring mine in... pft

I cleaned Nora up and then we kept looking around for a tie for Drew.
Nora, in her very sweet and charming voice asked
Mom, may I walk?
I thought, sure love, just hold my hand.
I kid you not when I say I put her on the ground and she literally BOLTED away from me the second her feet  touched the ground. I followed after her in the direction I SAW her go and was calling her name.
She was not answering, I called and called, walking around the shoes section.
My calls started to get a little more panicked and louder.
I even started to use her full name.
Other women asked if they could help me look, I told them all she was dressed as Eeyore. I had about 6 people looking. My heart was pounding. I was starting to panic, and found it harder and harder to breath, calling her name was becoming a little gaspy.
I could feel my eyes starting to water.
Every one was looking for 10 minutes now, they even closed the doors,
15 minutes, I felt like throwing up......then a lady yelled, I found her.
She was in the far back corner of the toy section playing with dolls. I honestly have NO idea how she got past me over to that section.
I walked over to the woman, gave her a very heartfelt and sincere thank you and picked up Nora.
I just gave her a huge hug and held her for a little while until I calmed down.

I absolutely hate when kids do that.

We left winner after I felt normal again and headed to Anthropologie.
We walked around and looked at all the new stuff, and that's when the smell smashed me in the face. Ooh Nora! I went to pick her up and it squished in my hand.
Ooh gross, that is awful.
All I have on this child is a costume, a costume that is really too small too.  We had to go out to the truck because I have nothing to change her into with me. When we got to the truck and I get her costume off that's when I notice the diaper is almost completely clean.
Now I am not sure how this happens. How does a child produce something of this magnitude and have a "magnitude" catching garment on, and it catches NONE of it??

What the heck?
I seriously considered taking a picture of it because I don't think many people would have believed me, but it was cold out and she had nothing on...and I realized I already had taken a picture of it yesterday in my food post.

After a while of careful maneuvering with only a few wipes that I found around in my truck, I cleaned things up. Then we had to head back home to go to the bank for Drew. When we arrived there, Nora said she had peed.
Before we went into the bank I wanted to change her, and I find another diaper totally dry, but she is wet all over her legs!
Man this is annoying, what is wrong with these diapers? Now for anyone feeling like they might offer advice. This is not my first day on the job. She is in Size 6 Huggies supreme. So I know it was a good diaper.
I have had 3 other children and not had this happen ever before?

So we leave the bank and go home to start put different clothes on and get food.
I need to hurry because we have to be back into the city to pick up Seth for his very special BBQ and meet the teach night at his school. For reasons that will make sense in a few more lines, the invitation for the BBQ said from 3:30 to 7:00 pm.
Being the obvious genius I am I decided to pick the older two up early from school and we could all go in and pick Seth up instead of going back and forth a few times.
We arrived at Seth's school, sit in the chairs to wait for his class to be finished and Nora comes over walking with her legs very far apart and I can see the difference in colour on her pants.

I am so furious and confused now, and I honestly had the thought, that this diaper must have just given up. It is in total revolt now! It's on strike!
It must have thought, Listen little girl, I do the same thing day in and day out, with no thanks, no vacation days, no sick time.
It must have thought, I could catch all this pee, but I won't because what about what I need? Ever thought about that?
I can sympathize diaper, I feel for you, I have been there.

I thought this would not be a huge deal because we can just eat and go home.
4:00pm rolls around and I am getting a little tired of having sister wet pants sitting on me telling me she is cold , so I go walk down to Seth's class and ask his teacher, "what time are things starting again" I knew the invitation said 3:30, but I thought I would not be rude.
She smiles and says, Dinner is at 5:30pm and our class meeting is after that. So we are encouraging everyone to just wait in the cafeteria (which is packed BTW)
uuh...No, sorry that will no work for us.
I took the sheets of information chatted quickly with his speech lady and we left.(But Seth did give us a tour of his classroom and showed us that he was the special helper today.)

The roads were packed full of commuters getting home, going very slow, and I am really really done with this day, and Ethan says to me "mom can you turn up this song?"
I said sure, do you even know who this group is?
He says Yes, Its Hedley, can't you tell by his voice?

That's my boy!!! A lover of music!! That small moment in the truck, made the entire day better for a few seconds.Until Nora screamed at the other boys for some reason.

On the way home I picked up pizza and a stroller for Nora. One that has a really strong harness.

Is it bed time yet?

I am grateful Ethan loves music, and can sing along to most things on the radio. I am glad we have that in common.

Other then that, I got nothing, but after a good sleep, tomorrow will be much much better!


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Monika Crowfoot said...

and grateful for pizza and your new stroller! ;) weird about those diapers? wth?!?!

i hope today is better for you too! :)