Wednesday, September 15

It only looks like poop

Today I thought I would be adventurous and try to cook, and not just cook a regular something. Today I decided  I was going to attempt a new recipe that has Tofu in it.
I have a sister in law that I adore who is a vegetarian and I want to have a broader cooking vocabulary to offer when she comes up to visit us.
So I found a recipe on a blog I read and I gave it a try.

I will not post the blog, or the recipe because it was horrible,
This is what it looked like, I actually get the warm saliva's just looking at the picture again.

But I did learn one thing about Tofu today. When you are suppose to dry the sliced tofu and lay it on paper towel and you do not have any paper towel, so instead you use wine coloured napkins, tofu will actually become a light shade of the colour of the napkins. Kinda gross.

It only looks like poop, it tasted awful (I would have said it tasted like poop too, but I have no idea what that tastes like) except for the perfectly sautéed mushrooms, everything else was nasty and greasy.

I then made cinnamon buns to make up for this flub. Why am I so awful in the kitchen. For someone who loves food as much as I do, why could cooking not be a talent I was born with???
My poor family.

Tonight after we gave the children a bath, Drew was getting Nora ready for bed and she smashed her head into his lip, made it bleed and now its a little puffy, perfect timing, we get family pictures done this weekend.

I have begged him to tell people I popped him one in the kisser, but he said no.

I am grateful I did not lose my mind today listening to Nora scream over everything.
God grant me the serenity.

I am grateful I have friends.

I am grateful for comfortable underwear, and proper fitting bras.



Mel said...

Oh my gosh that does look horrible!! Good for you for being brave and trying something new.
And of course Drew gets a fat lip just before pictures. lol

Sam and/or Monika said...

thumbs up to the comfy underwear. i'm hoping i get to wear comfy undies soon again. but then again, nothing is comfy.

so, the tofu thing. did you already try the tofu nugget recipe in the deceptively delicious cookbook?

we tried that and it was pretty yummy....just don't have leftovers. ;)

head butts from little girls are never fun. goodluck with the family pics - i'm sure she can edit the fat lip out! ;) can't wait to see them.