Wednesday, September 22

Good news day.

I received some really fantastic news today.

I will give a very tiny bit of history to explain the story. For obvious reasons this is only a very condensed version of the story.

Last year we had the opportunity to have a little girl stay with us who was in foster care. She was a really sweet girl and she had been taken from a dreadful and horrible situation. She only stayed with us for a short while, we wanted to adopt her, but were told we would not be ideal because her family was from the area. 

I was frantic. So I contacted a friend that I knew wanted to adopt another little girl (she had already adopted a few children) and introduced them to this little girl. They fell in love with her instantly and today I just received news that the adoption has gone through and everything is now final. And the (selfish) best part is I will still get to see her from time to time.

What a good day!!

Unrelated - I have started painting again, I have not painted in years....I needed some art for 2 rooms in our house. The first was awful but it's bright, and that is what I needed. The next should be better. I will post the end results soon, maybe.


I am grateful I was blessed to be a small part of that little girls life. 

I am grateful for that good feeling inside letting me know someone in a higher power is happy with the small part I played in her life too.

I am grateful there are only 9 more days until my birthday!!! I am really excited to turn 32.

I am grateful for dear friends that make me laugh.

I am grateful the being grateful thing is catching on.


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Monika Crowfoot said...

grateful for the little girl who got to have a piece of you, and can still share that! what great news.

i'm excited for your birthday too.... ;)

and you are so talented, way to get back into art! go jo!