Monday, September 20

Good at kicking

After dinner tonight we took the children out for ice cream at Marble slab. Total rip off for the amount of actual ice cream you get, but I made sure we got our monies worth in the end because we all took testers of all the other flavors. 
It was a lot of fun.

On the drive home Drew asked me to remind him to book his hotel for this weeks trip out of town. 
Ethan made a very disappointed sound,"you are leaving again dad"
(Drew is gone a lot)
Sorry Ethan, me traveling keeps food on our table.
Ethan says, why don't you just quit your job and do a sport instead.
I was chocking on my own spit, that made we laugh that hard.

Don't get me wrong Drew is a very gifted man, but sports are not his forte. Mental Olympics I would bet all my money on Drew...but physical ones.....?

I said to Ethan, what do you think dad should do if he played sorts?
Ethan says, Dad seem really good at kicking.

We laughed the rest of the drive home.

5 things that drove me BONKERS tonight.

5- Why does brushing teeth have to feel like wrestling a Vaselined pig?

4-Why do children instantly become STARVING when it is bed time, and yet were too full to finish dinner 20 minutes ago??

3-Why do children all of a sudden have to pee and poop at bed time? 

2-Mom I forgot to tell you something really important for tomorrow.....Grrrrr!

1-Every night my children are totally surprised that PJ's are required for bed time??? They just stare at me like I am speaking a foreign language or something. P_A_J_A_M_A_S!


I am grateful Seth's teacher got things sorted out with the Arch enemy today. It would have been a real bummer if I had to go unpack all of our super suites again to battle. I had just gotten them dry cleaned too.

I am grateful it did not snow.Although I was ready with mittens and jackets!

I am grateful for good friends that answer my questions about things, even when they might seem like strange questions.

Ooh crap, As I am sitting here writing this I just noticed I was suppose to go VT today and I had Physio at 5:15...and I forgot both...sigh...



Erin Mac said...

Thats awesome~ I thought it was just my kids that seemed to have bladder & bowel issues as soon as their heads hit the pillows, and that though they were waaaaay full and nope can't eat another bite, that they need a bedtime snack 20 minutes after said supper
Thanks again for the laughs daily, Joelle, u r great! :)

Monika Crowfoot said...

we must have the same kids...those are my top 5 annoying things at bedtime. i seriously hate trying to get them to brush their teeth...i try to sneak out and have sam take care of bedtimes...i don't know why, they are just so stressful - i'd much rather make breakfast in the morning and supervise the getting ready. ??? i don't know why??