Wednesday, September 1

First Day!

I heard 6 am sucks, it has been a very long time since I have seen it. I have not woken up to an alarm in a very long time.Confirmed-6 am does suck! so does 3,4 and 5 am.

I was so nervous I would miss my alarm I did not sleep well, I just kept waking up and checking the clock. Finally 6:30 came and I bounced up and into the shower.

Breakfast was a disaster; night before French toast is horrible, and the recipe went straight into the garbage.They asked us to soak the bread in the egg and sugar mixture for 1 minute each side, then put it on a baking sheet to put in the fridge. Then in the morning you just pop it into the oven and 30 minutes later...voila. Breakfast. What they forgot to mention is you need stale bread, because if you use fresh bread (silly me) it turns into this horrific slime/ slop that is almost fully digested when you pull it out of the eggs. If you are able to scoop it out with your hands and it semi resembles bread and not a pile of vomit, it does not cook nicely the next morning because it sticks to the sheet. The boys were kind, "no mom I am really full" was what they said, but really, it was gross.
Drew's fake smile, he was gagging
Me thinking it can't be that bad? Nope it can!
Drew took the two older boys to their school this morning. Things went great, they both got good teachers. I trust that this school year will be good for them.

I took Seth to his new school in the city. I made pretty good time, it only took me 40 minutes, but the construction was horrible, I am really not looking forward to that drive in the winter.

Seth's school is amazing. He goes to a special school for his speech, but the other part of the school is for the deaf. The school is for K-12, so not knowing where I was going, I had entered the high school side and I was blown away.

When I first walked in I saw all the high school kids obviously excited to be back, big smiles, hugs, new clothes... but then I noticed how silent it was. No one was talking, nobody was saying a thing teachers or students, not one word, yet there was a huge buzz through the entire place, the energy was incredible. Hands were excitedly telling stories from summer trips and summer flings (that's my guess, anyway... that's what I always talked about). It was an amazing thing to feel and see.

I found Seth's teacher and his new class, and he could hardly wait to be rid of me. I said goodbye and told him I loved him and I left.
It gets way easier and a lot less emotional the more children you have. By the time Nora is ready for Kindergarden the girl will be lucky if I even slow down for her to get out. I'll more than likely just yell "tuck and roll sweety" as I push her out the truck door. I was just really happy for my little man.

So now it's just Nora and I. I can not even tell you how fun this is. I was a little nervous to go all the way home right away, just in case Seth's school called, so we went and killed some time at the mall.....I can see Drew rolling his eyes reading this part.

I took Nora to my favorite store, was fun watching her see everything there.  She kept saying "I smell a smell" - for those of you who have never been to the store, it smells like heaven in there. And there is a GAZILLION pretty things everywhere.

Then I took her to the Disney store for the first time, and it was wonderful. She would run from dress to dress with an honest and amazed gasp for each one, each dress more beautiful then the last.
She hugged every stuffed character she recognized. It was so special watching her. We picked up a package of princess undies to start this potty thing. I promised her a stuffed princess when she poops on the potty.

I am really going to like this one child at home thing. It will be nice getting to know Nora better without the boys here. I imagine she will end up getting bored after a year or two of being left at home, but for now I am thrilled. Maybe we can go see a movie together too.

One thing I did learn today, is that I will never give Nora a yogurt tube in her seat while I am driving. She is very good at "shaking it like a Polaroid picture" all over my truck.


I am grateful Seth got into this school. It feels like a huge blessing, I hope this is going to be a really great year for him.

I am grateful for a wonderful husband.

I am grateful for kind readers. I enjoy the comments that people leave, it makes me feel heard. Thank you.



Claudine said...

Declan starts school next Wednesday and I'm completely at a loss. I know it's only for 2 hrs, but next year it's an entire day. I'm at an absolute loss...and I don't have anymore kids to hang out with.
I'm grateful you have the moments to spend one on one with your daughter. I'm grateful you're family is so close. I'm grateful to read about you through your blog!

Natasha said...

Laughed quite a bit at "tuck and roll". Still laughing.

Hey Ya will always remind me of you and I'll always remember that I was the one to tell you what the lyrics really were.

Nice photo of you. Great looking kids. I honestly wasn't sure how they would turn out. Phewf.

(LOL. I kill me.)

Amy said...

I love your back to school outfit. ;)

Erin Mac said...

Aww, Glad the boys had a great start to their school year and I know how you feel about spending time with the youngest without sharing momma with the others. I loved my days with just Liam home, while Tommi was a school and am thinking maybe I should have put off the working thing for just one more year :( Enjoy your Nora days <3