Thursday, September 30

The feelings are mutual

Know how in love I am with the store Anthropologie? Well, turns out they love me too.

When we got home, in the mail (to my surprise)  was a little love note from Anthro confessing their true feelings for me; alright it was just a birthday card that said 15% off my next purchase in October. But it might as well be a love note.... made the day a little better.

I had a painfully long day waiting in the city because I did double duty by dropping off and picking up Seth from school. I thought staying in the city would be easier... nope, it was drab. I thought I would take Nora to Fort Edmonton Park, a sort of museum town with lots to see and do. It would have been wonderful, the weather was fantastic, but the park was closed. Very long day...

Tonight Drew and I rearranged the house to make this little house built for a family of 3 work for a family of 6 for a few more months. Honestly, why can't I just win the lottery? I would be such an excellent person to win the lottery, I would do a lot of good things with the money. I would do a lot of frivolous and crazy things too, but good would be in there somewhere. For starters, I would buy Neti for everyone... see.. that's a good thing.

And I would do that good wearing the pretty clothes I got at 15% off from Anthro.

ooh cute story, Ethan (our oldest) has decided it's time for him to start wearing deodorant. He asked Drew the other day for "that stuff you put in your elbow"... after a few questions we deduced that he meant his pits.
I went and picked him up some old spice, and yes I chose that brand based on this one simple fact:
Their advertising rocks!! And the kids love saying "Pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-power!"


I am grateful for the beautiful weather today, I hope it sticks around for the whole weekend.

I am grateful for having a *cough* small *cough* OCD problem with cleaning. I love a clean house!

I am grateful the nightmare I had last night about one of the children getting hurt did not come true. It woke me from a dead sleep, and made me feel really sick all day. Stupid cayenne pepper before bed!


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Monika Crowfoot said...

*cough* me too... i'm a little nervous about the state of cleanliness after the baby comes. "sam clean"...well, he's gotta learn someday. ;) cute about the elbow!!

and you'll have to post some pics of the rockin' clothes you get from Anthropologie.

happy birthday tomorrow!! just know we haven't forgotten about you sweet friend! sam is a little slow...and i'm a little hung up - but, we haven't forgotten your special day! love you!