Tuesday, September 7

Divisible by 11

So today 33 years ago my dearest  Master and Commander was born.
Drew, for those of you who don't work with or for him.

So I thought it was fitting I do a post dedicated to my dearest first husband.

Drew, my love.
Thank you for being you, you are a good man.
Thank you for sitting behind me in college and trying to give me a massage before class. I am sorry I was rude and not interested in you in the beginning.
Thank you for your persistence and asking me to dinner on our Grad night.
Sorry I said no to dinner, and for writing you were nothing special in my journal from that night.
Boy was I wrong!

Thank you for showing interest still when we ran into each other again in the Boston Pizza in Peace River.
Thank you for taking my number and calling me all the time.
Thank you for late night phone calls and listening to me.

Thank you for seeing me, the real me.
Thank you for seeing value in my qualities.
Thank you for being man enough to handle me when I am at my worst, that's how I know you deserve me at my best.
I will always give you my best. Wrapped up in Victoria's Secret!

Thank you for asking me to marry you with a table from Ikea.
Thank you for that beautiful and weird day 11 years ago when you promised me forever.
Thank you for being nothing like me.

The inside says Happy Anniversary ya Freak

Thank you for lighting our living room on fire. It was very romantic.

Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for buying us a home...then 2 more after that.
Thank you for 4 beautiful children, and for allowing me to be a mother.
Thank you for being really great whilst being pregnant with our 4 beautiful children.
Thank you for being such an amazing father.
Thank you for challenging me and forcing me to go out of my comfort zone and stretch sometimes. I appreciate the opportunity for growth you always allow me.
Thanks for fighting back every once in a while. 

Thank you for being okay with me sending you to a murder scene with no police back up.

Thank you for always being the first one to say "you can do anything" and "I'm sorry"
even when you might not think it.
Thank you for always supporting me/us.
Thank you for our beautiful life.
Thank you for always telling me how pretty you think I am, even when I am not.

Thank you for being so good about my pranks, like having cold water thrown on you in the shower.
I like it when you scream because it's so shocking.

Thank you for still tying my ring box with a bow so I get to reopen it every day.
Thank you for still holding my hand as we fall asleep at night.
Thank you for always asking if there is anything you can do for me (or to me), before I fall asleep every night.
I love you.
Happy Birthday!

Last night while we were getting ready for bed, I said Happy Birthday love and Drew replied. "Did you know I am divisible by 11 now?"
No, I can honestly and truly say I have never thought about that.
He says, you know if you are lucky that will happen maybe 9 times in your life.
I just snickered, I would never have thought about that, ever.
We are very very different people
And I am glad, because we work very well together. Most of the time.

After Drew blew out the candles the boys were so happy for him that he had no girlfriends, so was I.

And because I am not a fool to think Drew became this wonderful man on his own.
I would also like to say thank you to my wonderful in-laws.
I know he only became this fantastic because of you guys;)


I am grateful for Victoria's Secret. I am needing to be careful what I write from now on because our oldest came home today and told me he reads my blog during free computer time at school. 
So all I will say is every woman should go there ASAP! Drew is also Grateful for VS.

I am grateful for a sense of humor, cause if you can't laugh at yourself, that would be a horrible life.



Erin Mac said...

That was wonderful post - Thank you for sharing it with us all :)and a Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband!

Sam and/or Monika said...

hahaha! happy b-day drew. was v.s. his present or yours? ;) and way to blow out ALL the candles!