Wednesday, September 8

Bored sick

Tonight for bed time I put the three boys to bed, said good night in my Russian voice (that they go wild for) and tucked them in, gave kisses and said good night. 

While I was doing this, and getting water 3 times, Drew was putting Nora to bed by serenading her with a recorder. You know the kind we played in music class in Elementary.
I thought it sounded horrible so I went upstairs to see how he was doing and I found Nora on her bed, her knees up to her chest (kind of like she was in a ball) with her face scrunched all up and her hands over her ears.
I am not positive, but my guess is she is not digging the tracks you are laying down Drew??? 
Yet he played Frere Jacques 2 more times, and he played it with heart.

That's my man!

Today was another sick day...kinda. 
So Joelle's sick day movie reviews are:

Top Gun-Still as crappy as ever. Although I do have a a different appreciation for Val Kilmer, and for the top gun idea after I sent Drew to Air Combat USA when we were in California for our 9th anniversary (Val and Tom had actually been there), and the planes were awesome. 1 thumb up
Hanging in the Air Combat USA HQ in Fullterton, California
Drew & "Erotica Rabbit"

The Expendables- Awesome! I am much more of an action movie girl then a chick flick girl. This movie has every huge attractive man that has ever been in a movie, in it....sigh... not one single man on the show has a neck their traps are so big. Two very excited, thumbs up ;)
Enough said.  

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale- megga crap. Normally I don't mind Barbie movies but this one the voice over was off. It was a complete Milly Vanilli movie. 

Disney's The Princess and The Frog- Love it, super cute.

Julie and Julia-Still one of my favorites. It inspires me to try new things!

Also these last few days at home, I have watched every Pink music video ever made-Always awesome, Pink is my favorite.

I am done being sick, I am really really bored.  You can probably tell from this post.


I am grateful Physio is tomorrow.

I am grateful for Lysol wipes - I don't know how people cleaned before they were invented.  I sure didn't.

I am grateful to have almost 2000 visits on my blog so far. 

I am grateful East Side Mario's was nice enough to make our dinner tonight, because neither Drew or I felt like cooking.


Devastated....I have not heard about any SNL tickets, so I am assuming I did not get picked from the lottery, and I just found out Amy Poehler is the host for opening night in a few weeks. 
I am crushed.

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