Friday, September 3

Bend it like Beckham

I am taking back one of my gratitude's from yesterday. 
I am taking back being happy about swimming last night. Sure we did have a ton of fun, got exercise, played with the children and it was wonderful to hear them giggle and play together.

But everyone, upon returning home, became very very sick. the kind of sick you only get from swimming in public toilets I mean was not a good night in our house. 

Everyone was sick, everyone except me of course. I am convinced that the universe puts a force field around mothers in situations like these. I never get sick when everyone else is. It could/will be considered a super power.

So this morning, Drew stayed home from work and pouted because he is supposed to take the older boys on their yearly "man hike" with my brother this weekend in Banff. He was very grumpy today, and for such a wonderful guy, when he is sick, watch out. I was really happy to get out of here to take Seth to school and to go to my hair appointment.

As my hair appointment time got closer my usual fear returned
...I have a fear that one time when I am getting my hair cut, the stylist will be combing my hair and find lice! 
I imagine he is chatting away with me and then gasps, drops his comb and asks me to leave. 
Stupid I know! I have never had lice, EVER. Neither have my children, but I am so scared of it. I know it is stupid, but what can I say? I am aware I am not normal.
Of course it did not happen, huge sigh of relief.
Daren is so wonderful. I love how he does my hair and his conversation is always nice. He always makes me feel very pretty.

After my hair was done, I needed to hurry back home for my physio appointment with LENNY!!! This is my reschedule appointment I had to miss earlier this week. I was really excited.

As I suspected, he was witty, always well dressed, he is polite, well spoken (and smells wonderful) then on top of all of that, he was telling me about how he is taking his girlfriend to Seattle this weekend for her birthday to an arts and music festival and it was a surprise ...I can hear you all sighing too.

 102.3 Now radio even played Are you gonna go my way (by Lenny Kravitz) while I was there. true story! I just chuckled to myself. And no I did not request it.
The only part that was less then fantastic was when he needled my back AND my calf. I cried and was shaking. That calf needling hurt so bad. Lenny told me my face was as red as my shirt. I tried to play it cool, but it was useless. That IMS crap hurts like nothing else.
After I get needles, I always lay there and get hot pads put on the area that was just assaulted and while I was laying there today I struck up a conversation with a women next to me. I know, big surprise. 
She was with Lenny today too because PG is on holidays. 

This woman was telling me how she is there because she has a very rare disease that makes her connective tissue very stretchy. I was asking her questions because I noticed that she wears what looks like rings on her fingers,but she has 2 on each finger. She told me they are splints so she does not hurt herself by hyper extending her fingers. She says it is very painful and she has tons of problems because of this. 
She told me it is genetic, and it was triggered with pregnancy. She told me how doctors told her for years that she was making it up in her head. That nothing was really wrong.

Then she showed me this.
I took the picture before she got to full extension

I know right! It was amazing to see what her body can do.

 She obviously gave me permission to take pictures and write about this. I just sat there with my jaw open the entire conversation. She was amazing.She also told me with her disorder pain killers don't work on her. Ugh...that would be horrible. I asked "How do you stay so positive?" I hurt my ankle tendons and ligaments and I know how painful that was, I can't imagine living with this forever knowing it won't get better, and will actually keep getting worse.

When she answered my question she told me that it's a choice, you can choose to be happy or not. She said she has her moments, but for the most part is choosing to be happy. She said she chooses to get up in the morning, and to make sure she does things she enjoys everyday.

We talked for a while and I felt so good after. I love sharing moments like this with people. I took from her that life is still so beautiful, even when things are hard. Which is something I still struggle with. It is easy to call foul when things don't go the way you want. But she told me, "God gave me this trial for some reason. I don't understand the reasons, but all that matters is I do the best with what I was given." 

She is right. Smart lady.

I remember visiting with a friend of mine a few years ago and she told me about the day her father died, then weeks later how her 5 month old son died. Then shorty after he passed how their house caught fire..and she said to me. "I am grateful for my trials , it could have been worse" 

I guess its all how you choose to look at things. 

Smart lady


TODAY I AM GRATEFUL THAT MY DAD IS DOING WELL ENOUGH THAT HE HAS RETURNED TO WORK!!!!!  The days are making him tired, but he is doing it!! Well done dad! We are all so proud of you!!!!

I am grateful grumpy pants (aka Drew) is going to bed soon, he is getting more and more unpleasant to be with.He says he is sick, but I think he is just upset that next week is his birthday and he feels old (33)

I am grateful for my in laws. They are going to take my youngest two tomorrow so I can go help my friend.

I am grateful I was able to be taught today. I enjoy learning from others. Today was a really good day.


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Natasha said...

Haven't read this but I can do that with my fingers and toes. Didn't you know that?