Thursday, September 30

The feelings are mutual

Know how in love I am with the store Anthropologie? Well, turns out they love me too.

When we got home, in the mail (to my surprise)  was a little love note from Anthro confessing their true feelings for me; alright it was just a birthday card that said 15% off my next purchase in October. But it might as well be a love note.... made the day a little better.

I had a painfully long day waiting in the city because I did double duty by dropping off and picking up Seth from school. I thought staying in the city would be easier... nope, it was drab. I thought I would take Nora to Fort Edmonton Park, a sort of museum town with lots to see and do. It would have been wonderful, the weather was fantastic, but the park was closed. Very long day...

Tonight Drew and I rearranged the house to make this little house built for a family of 3 work for a family of 6 for a few more months. Honestly, why can't I just win the lottery? I would be such an excellent person to win the lottery, I would do a lot of good things with the money. I would do a lot of frivolous and crazy things too, but good would be in there somewhere. For starters, I would buy Neti for everyone... see.. that's a good thing.

And I would do that good wearing the pretty clothes I got at 15% off from Anthro.

ooh cute story, Ethan (our oldest) has decided it's time for him to start wearing deodorant. He asked Drew the other day for "that stuff you put in your elbow"... after a few questions we deduced that he meant his pits.
I went and picked him up some old spice, and yes I chose that brand based on this one simple fact:
Their advertising rocks!! And the kids love saying "Pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-power!"


I am grateful for the beautiful weather today, I hope it sticks around for the whole weekend.

I am grateful for having a *cough* small *cough* OCD problem with cleaning. I love a clean house!

I am grateful the nightmare I had last night about one of the children getting hurt did not come true. It woke me from a dead sleep, and made me feel really sick all day. Stupid cayenne pepper before bed!


Wednesday, September 29

Ooh it could have been so good....

I am sad to report my blog post for today is not as good as it really could have been. 

Drew is sick, he has been sick for around a month now and he finally went to the doctors this afternoon. And like always Drew has a sinus infection. Drew gets a sinus infection about three times a year, so he gets the standard antibiotics...blah blah blah. But this time the doctor gave him a neilmed, it is like a neti pot. It is a plastic bottle that you put distilled water in, shove it up your nose and squirt 240 mL or 8 ounces of water into your sinus's to clean them out of all the crap that is making it hard to breath and making you a constant dripping tap of snot.

When my brother Dawson went to school to become a yoga instructor they talked about Neti, only they discussed using your own urine for the neti. (Dawson did NOT do this) they were just taught about it. Dawson said when he tried the distilled water neti it was amazing. He said all his class members did it and everyone was saying how much better things smelled, and how much better they felt overall.

So tonight I have been so excited for Drew to do this neti, mostly because it would give me something to Blog about. Yes of course I was fully intending on giggling the entire time, who wouldn't? And I was going to take pictures so everybody could enjoy.

Alas... Drew said he will have no part of the neti.... sigh.... Ooh what could have been. 
I asked him, "why not try it if it will make you feel better?"
He says (in a bit of a snippy voice) Its gross and it won't make me better.
I replied, I will do it too, thinking this might coerce him.
He says "Thats ridiculous, if I got my leg amputated would you do it too?"
Uuh, No? And I am not sure how the two are at all comparable....
I said (in a last ditch effort to try and convince him) it will be really great,
to which he snapped, No it will be really funny, not great. 

Those two words are very interchangeable for me right now.... giggle.

So after about 30 minutes of him being grumpy, and refusing to try it, I have decided I am going to give it a whirl.

Pause.... I am going to go do it and I will return with a full report!

Unpause... Okay I am back, Let me just say. THAT WAS RAD! I will definitely be doing that again! I'll even throw a Neti party it was so cool.

It feels a little awkward squirting water up your nose, but my past life as a cocaine addict made that easier. 
I can see how Drew was not super eager to give it a try, if you have any fear of drowning this might not be something you will enjoy, but I can see what Dawson was talking about, I can breath way easier. It was not painful at all. I was thinking it would be like swimming and you get water up your nose, that burning feeling, but it wasn't. I guess that is why you use distilled water. 

After I did the neti, I had to go pick up Drew a treat (chocolate Areo Bubbles) because he is a bit testy now, 
So I will say it here, I am sorry for trying to pressure you to neti, although it would have been super funny, I am sorry ;) I love you, poutypants.

Also on this very wet day, I spent the day collecting things for Nora's princess tea party this Saturday. 
If the garrish dress she picked out today at Value Village is any indication of how this party will roll, I think we are all in for a very good time!


I am grateful my Blood pressure is 99/46. I took it tonight while I was picking up Drew's medication.  My blood pressure is always low... I really don't know why I wrote this one. I guess tonight I'm grateful that I won't stroke out in my sleep.

I am grateful for my washing machine, it does a great job.

I am grateful that my dear friend Monika is having her baby in one more day. I told her having it on the 1st of Oct would be the best, but something to do with Sam's classes...blah blah blah
Everyone please send her love and happy thoughts today, another dark haired, world changing beauty is about to enter this world. I can not wait to meet and love her!


Tuesday, September 28



I am grateful for friends that have healed my heart. 

I am grateful for how I have been feeling lately. I have been on a search for balance (Drew and I both have been) over the last few months and I am feeling like we maybe have figured a few things out.

I am grateful for good food, and how it has the magical power to bring people together.

I am grateful for a beautiful life. For creative children, Ethan made the Eiffel tower tonight out of Lego and said "I have dreamed about it so I decided to build it" I would like to see it for real one day.....very cool kid!

I am grateful for the sweet friend who brought over home made cinnamon buns for my birthday today. Thanks so much Kim

I am grateful Drew's parents get home from their European cruise tomorrow, I can not wait to hear about everything they saw and ate.

I am grateful for the Yoda costume I found on Kijiji for Seth, I can't wait to go pick it up tomorrow. 


Monday, September 27

Over dramatic Monday

I absolutely can not believe this.
I am not sure how long I will be sulking for after this weekend...
Did anyone watch the SNL (Saturday Night Live) premier this weekend? If you had, you watched as one of my life dreams slipped through my fingertips.
Amy Poehler hosted, Tina Fey was on AND SO WAS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and clearly I say one of my life's dreams ALMOST came true, because the small fact that I WAS NOT THERE is what made it almost. And to add insult to my already dashed soul, there was the "Really" segment with Seth and Amy, and I would have been able to laugh at Katie Perry because she was the musical guest.
I feel sick, I need to sit down.
Not even obscene ice cream consumption is going to make this one better.

ooh this is too painful..... How can the universe hate me this much???

So this Mondays music selection is a clear representation of how devastated I am.

(Mirah - The Garden)

(Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back)

I chose this one because the video is clean.

(Mindy Gledhill - Anchor)

(Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind)

Unrelated to my allotted severe week long depression, my father read my post on 365 days, and he said he remembers telling people that he had "company" some nights.

Discovering I am not crazy is not even making this better, can you please pass me the ice cream.


I am grateful the new season of "The Office" has started. 

I am grateful for such a beautiful and warm weekend. And I'm grateful that Drew and the boys had fun on their man-hike that they finally went on, and that no falling trees killed them.

I am grateful it's my Birthday in 5 days! It's the ONLY thing that is going to get me through missing SNL this weekend. That and more ice cream.

Sniff, sniff,


Friday, September 24

365 days!

I am learning that the beauty of having your very own blog is that you get to write whatever you want. I realize that should go without saying, but today it really hit me that I have this little piece of the world where I get to say whatever I want, whenever I want to, and can take as long as I want to do it. 

Kind of a freeing thing. 

Today's post is an important one for me, because today it has been one year since my dads accident. I have thought long and hard about what I might share. Because since my dads accident when we all get together we chat about things regarding his hospital stay, but we don't talk details. I think its because all of us would just rather forget those months, and because my dad does not remember, we are not terribly specific. 
This blog is for my children though, so one day when they are older they can learn more about me, so I decided to share an experience from that time, as unpleasant as it might be. 

I mean no disrespect at all from this post, I am writing my truth, with love.

My father and I had not been really close before the accident. We actually had not spoken in 10 months prior to it. I am not sure of the exact reasons. We both just never called each other, maybe I felt misunderstood, maybe he was just really busy with work. We did not live close, it was awkward? I don't know. But I do remember one of the last times we spent time together, just him and I. It was a few summers ago and I went out to the farm for the day. 
He had just started working for a company that sold drilling bits, and that day he was loading his stock into a trailer. It was hard work, and a welcome distraction to the often trying task of finding a topic to discuss.  Conversation was not easy with us when we were alone which was infrequent...making it even harder.

That afternoon we somehow began talking about his parents. My fathers parents Joan and Fred Reimer died years ago. Both to cancer. 
My grandfather Fred died shortly before I was born,  I had never met him. I do have a picture of him by my kitchen sink when he was around my age, maybe a little older. He is throwing a snowball at my very young father who was running in the opposite direction and they are both smiling in it. Amazing how such an old camera was able to catch a moment so clearly. I love this picture, it makes me feel closer to my grandfather, almost like I can hear him laugh, or I can feel his pure joy in that moment playing with his child. I won it from my dad a few years ago. We bet on the sex of one of my unborn children...I won. 

 My Grandmother Joan died when I was in Grade 6. I remember her well. She was so slender and so beautiful and I always felt loved when I was around her. I remember she always had beautiful long nails, and curly white hair. I remember once faking a knee injury when I was staying with her. I was young and I more then likely wanted/needed to have extra attention. Of course she knew it was not as serious as I pretended, but she was so kind and made me feel like I mattered. Making sure I iced it and I rested. I have happy memories of her. I still have a pink sweater she made me (in my closet) waiting for the day Nora will fit it. I have saved it all these years so she could be a part of my kids in some small way.

On this particular summer day helping my dad I was telling him about how I thought I had once felt the presents of my grandfather. I told my dad that I felt like I knew him...sort of?? To some this might sound weird, and its okay if it does. I have believed for years that life does not end with death. I guess it is arguable that it is a hope rather then a knowledge, because I have never visited the "other side" but I believe death is not the end. 
My father became furious with this topic. I really have no idea why he was so mad I thought he believed something along those lines too, but I might have been wrong, whatever the case he got very angry and we argued for a bit about it. I felt stupid and I tried to change the topic but the tension was there and the day was ruined. And I felt like it had been my fault.

The reason I am telling you this is so you have a clearer understanding of our dynamic. 
After my fathers accident he had a breathing tube in for a long while, and in time, when he was more stable, he moved to what is called a step down room, where he was still under 24 hour watch by a nurse, but there were 4 people in a room instead of just him and the RN in the beginning. 
The step down room was horrible, to me, it was some of the worst time my father spent in the hospital. He was not completely "out of it " any more, but still did not talk, and had this glassy look in his eyes. It was hard to watch. It was made worse with 3 other people around with all of their noises and buzzers going...Blah...just awful.

One night I had gone to visit him in the step down room (he had been in the hospital for a month or so by now) and when I arrived he was physically sitting up. This was not in its self abnormal, but  it was late at night because at the time I had 4 small kids to care for, a volunteer work that was not going well, so I could only visit later in the evening after my family was asleep, and that was often when dad was sleeping ...but this night when I arrived he saw me when I came in, he tracked me with his eyes. I came over beside his bed, and said hi dad and he held my hand. 

I would normally tell him about my day, tell him about the kids and be chipper and happy, but on this night I was just very sad. I think I was just feeling a little defeated regarding a woman I had to deal with in my volunteer work and she was causing me a lot of grief. I had been arguing with my aunt about things she said, I missed my brother Dawson, and was feeling sad that there was not more I could do. Also that there was a very real possibility my father was going to be  this way forever. So when I sat down I just started to cry. He still had a hole in his throat to breath because his jaw was wired shut, so he could not talk and tubes were coming out of everywhere, but he just stared at me and held my hand. I just cried, and cried hard. 
I told him how sorry I was, and how awful I felt having argued with him. I asked him to forgive me for having been so prideful and not calling him for so long. Mostly I just needed him to know I was sorry and that I loved him. 

I am not sure why I asked this at all, but I said to him. Dad, has grandma and grandpa come to visit you?
He looked up at me and then looked over at the corner of the room. 
I turned to look over and of course there was nothing there. I said, do they come visit you here? Have you seen them? My father slowly nodded his head once yes.

I am in no way claiming anything, nor did I see anything. All I know is how I felt, and I felt like my father was being honest. I believe this life is not all there is. I felt so peaceful in that room, I know what I felt, it was a very real and good feeling and definitely not a feeling that I had felt in that awful room or hospital anytime before. 
I was comforted, feeling like maybe he was being watched by loved ones when one of us could not be with him. It made me feel like maybe things would be okay.

My dad is back at work full time now. 3 days shy of one year since this all began and he is all better. 

I do not know much, and the older I get the more I am willing to admit that. But there are a few things I do know for sure;
I know that death is not the end. 
I know that family is the most important thing. And that relationships matter.
I know that prayers are heard, and sometimes for reasons unknown, are answered in the way were hope for, and sometimes not, but they are heard.
I know that this last year has changed my father and our family. And change is good.


I am grateful for my dads 2 friends who he was hunting with who saved his life when they rolled him out of the water and did CPR.

I am grateful for the ground crew, and fire fighters that picked him up out of the bush, then  for STARS air ambulance for flying dad to the hospital,(I will no longer call you the air clot, and I will always donate at calender time)

I am grateful for the medivac crew that flew him down from up north.

I am grateful for all the RN's and staff that took care of dad for months

I am grateful for my life. Really and truly grateful. As hard as it is some/most days. Life is so good. And I am a very lucky girl.

I am grateful for beautiful and healthy children whom I love deeply. 

I am grateful for love in all its forms.

I am grateful for the feelings I am having while writing this.

And lastly, I am grateful for Tylenol because I am going to have one hell of a headache in the morning from all this crying.


Wednesday, September 22

Good news day.

I received some really fantastic news today.

I will give a very tiny bit of history to explain the story. For obvious reasons this is only a very condensed version of the story.

Last year we had the opportunity to have a little girl stay with us who was in foster care. She was a really sweet girl and she had been taken from a dreadful and horrible situation. She only stayed with us for a short while, we wanted to adopt her, but were told we would not be ideal because her family was from the area. 

I was frantic. So I contacted a friend that I knew wanted to adopt another little girl (she had already adopted a few children) and introduced them to this little girl. They fell in love with her instantly and today I just received news that the adoption has gone through and everything is now final. And the (selfish) best part is I will still get to see her from time to time.

What a good day!!

Unrelated - I have started painting again, I have not painted in years....I needed some art for 2 rooms in our house. The first was awful but it's bright, and that is what I needed. The next should be better. I will post the end results soon, maybe.


I am grateful I was blessed to be a small part of that little girls life. 

I am grateful for that good feeling inside letting me know someone in a higher power is happy with the small part I played in her life too.

I am grateful there are only 9 more days until my birthday!!! I am really excited to turn 32.

I am grateful for dear friends that make me laugh.

I am grateful the being grateful thing is catching on.


Tuesday, September 21

Where is the serenity I ordered?

I knew this day would come. I guess I am not surprised it came as early as it did, but it did catch me a little off guard.

Our oldest came home today with a letter from school informing me that he will be spending the next few recesses in the principals office because of his involvement with a fight that occurred at school.

I will not go into details to spare his little feelings. So I will only discuss my side....

I am very disappointed, mostly because I was really hoping the first time one of the boys got in trouble for fighting, it would be because he opened a can of whoop @$$  on some older kid in the name of justice.

Sadly, this is not the case.  Apparently I am not the most incredible parent that I've been led to believe I am.  Sad but true.

The evening ended well with a visit from good friends. 


I am grateful that the PBR was on TV tonight. (Professional Bull Riding) for you non rodeo types.

I am extremely grateful for the two guys riding bulls tonight that were smashed in the face by the bulls head for wearing helmets . I enjoy the sport so much more when these guys walk away from possible wrecks like those.... makes me excited for CFR soon!

I am grateful the weather is going to get nicer...hopefully!


Monday, September 20

Good at kicking

After dinner tonight we took the children out for ice cream at Marble slab. Total rip off for the amount of actual ice cream you get, but I made sure we got our monies worth in the end because we all took testers of all the other flavors. 
It was a lot of fun.

On the drive home Drew asked me to remind him to book his hotel for this weeks trip out of town. 
Ethan made a very disappointed sound,"you are leaving again dad"
(Drew is gone a lot)
Sorry Ethan, me traveling keeps food on our table.
Ethan says, why don't you just quit your job and do a sport instead.
I was chocking on my own spit, that made we laugh that hard.

Don't get me wrong Drew is a very gifted man, but sports are not his forte. Mental Olympics I would bet all my money on Drew...but physical ones.....?

I said to Ethan, what do you think dad should do if he played sorts?
Ethan says, Dad seem really good at kicking.

We laughed the rest of the drive home.

5 things that drove me BONKERS tonight.

5- Why does brushing teeth have to feel like wrestling a Vaselined pig?

4-Why do children instantly become STARVING when it is bed time, and yet were too full to finish dinner 20 minutes ago??

3-Why do children all of a sudden have to pee and poop at bed time? 

2-Mom I forgot to tell you something really important for tomorrow.....Grrrrr!

1-Every night my children are totally surprised that PJ's are required for bed time??? They just stare at me like I am speaking a foreign language or something. P_A_J_A_M_A_S!


I am grateful Seth's teacher got things sorted out with the Arch enemy today. It would have been a real bummer if I had to go unpack all of our super suites again to battle. I had just gotten them dry cleaned too.

I am grateful it did not snow.Although I was ready with mittens and jackets!

I am grateful for good friends that answer my questions about things, even when they might seem like strange questions.

Ooh crap, As I am sitting here writing this I just noticed I was suppose to go VT today and I had Physio at 5:15...and I forgot both...sigh...


A good laugh for a cold Monday

This weekend was cold. Really cold. I am not loving this at all. Especially that I had to pull out the kids coats, mittens, and touques  (for my american readers that is a winter hat...I think you call them beanies) to get ready for school tomorrow. 

To off set the awful weather and the fact that all I want to do is cry because Drew's mom and dad are in Europe boarding a cruise ship to sail from Sweden to Amsterdam and Drew's mom (Diane) told me before she left that there was no way she could send me pictures every day of the castles and the food. Now I have to wait for 10 days to see all the amazing things in Europe....sigh.... I have decided to do something a little different for this Monday morning.

I am going to show you a few things that make me laugh really hard, and give you a few of my favorite tunes to help with laundry/cleaning/watching TV/potty training/food prep/painting your toes/ dying your hair/go to work/returning home from jail after a really rough weekend....whatever you are doing this morning.

I wish you all the best this very cold Monday morning from my house to yours!

(Guy freaks out during hidden camera ghost prank)

SNL - Justin Timberlake ignore the flag in the beginning and the weird music, its the only full version of the video on Youtube.

More Scare Tactics

 here are a few songs that are on the top of my play list right now.

(Pink - So What)

(Jill Barber - Oh My My)

(Train - Hey, Soul Sister)

Have a great day!


I am grateful for two really good nights of sleep.I feel great.

I am grateful Drew helped me with quite a bit of painting this weekend!

I am grateful Monika has her baby in 2 more weeks! I am really excited for the Crowfoots!!


Saturday, September 18

Seths Arch Enemy

Drew picked up Seth from school today and when they were walking out to the car Seth pointed to this child and says to Drew. 
That's my arch enemy
Drew said arch Enemy?
Seth said Ya, and pointed to a little boy named Jake
Drew asked, why is he your arch enemy?
Seth said because he hits me at recess. 
Drew and Seth walked out to the car to continue the conversation.
Drew asked, Does he hit you every recess?
Seth answered yes.
Have you told your teacher?
Have you told him to stop?
Seth said yes, a thousand times!
Is there a supervisor at recess?
Seth says yes, but she just plays.
Ooh, well what do you do when he hits you?
Seth says I hit him back, then I run and hide.

We are so proud. Just like we taught, left, right, uppercut....bob and jab.


I am grateful for the pizza, and the stroller from yesterday.

I am grateful for a night out with a friend who loves food as much as I do.

I am grateful tomorrows is family pictures.


Thursday, September 16

Noras diapers go on strike

 Let me start explaining today by saying Drew is out of town...of course.

This morning Nora wanted to dress up in her Eeyore costume. So charming and cute. I love when the kids are little individuals, I envy that lack of care. She loves it so she wore it. 

The morning began as a pleasant one.

We are getting family pictures done this weekend and so I needed to pick up a shirt for the boys, Drew included.
So we headed to the mall after dropping off Seth.
When we arrived we went to winners because they open before everyone else.
I grabbed a cart, put Nora in the big part and went over to the men's dress shirt section and found some really nice things for Drew. I was unsure what one he would like the most so I hung  the three beside each other and started taking pictures of them to send to him. I was clearly not paying enough attention to Nora and when I, heard her say "I'm pretty" I looked up and saw that my brand new lipstick container was out in her hands and broken...and then I saw her. She is so pretty!

Another mother walked by as all of this was going on and thankfully she had wipes with her. I obviously a more experienced mother did not think to bring mine in... pft

I cleaned Nora up and then we kept looking around for a tie for Drew.
Nora, in her very sweet and charming voice asked
Mom, may I walk?
I thought, sure love, just hold my hand.
I kid you not when I say I put her on the ground and she literally BOLTED away from me the second her feet  touched the ground. I followed after her in the direction I SAW her go and was calling her name.
She was not answering, I called and called, walking around the shoes section.
My calls started to get a little more panicked and louder.
I even started to use her full name.
Other women asked if they could help me look, I told them all she was dressed as Eeyore. I had about 6 people looking. My heart was pounding. I was starting to panic, and found it harder and harder to breath, calling her name was becoming a little gaspy.
I could feel my eyes starting to water.
Every one was looking for 10 minutes now, they even closed the doors,
15 minutes, I felt like throwing up......then a lady yelled, I found her.
She was in the far back corner of the toy section playing with dolls. I honestly have NO idea how she got past me over to that section.
I walked over to the woman, gave her a very heartfelt and sincere thank you and picked up Nora.
I just gave her a huge hug and held her for a little while until I calmed down.

I absolutely hate when kids do that.

We left winner after I felt normal again and headed to Anthropologie.
We walked around and looked at all the new stuff, and that's when the smell smashed me in the face. Ooh Nora! I went to pick her up and it squished in my hand.
Ooh gross, that is awful.
All I have on this child is a costume, a costume that is really too small too.  We had to go out to the truck because I have nothing to change her into with me. When we got to the truck and I get her costume off that's when I notice the diaper is almost completely clean.
Now I am not sure how this happens. How does a child produce something of this magnitude and have a "magnitude" catching garment on, and it catches NONE of it??

What the heck?
I seriously considered taking a picture of it because I don't think many people would have believed me, but it was cold out and she had nothing on...and I realized I already had taken a picture of it yesterday in my food post.

After a while of careful maneuvering with only a few wipes that I found around in my truck, I cleaned things up. Then we had to head back home to go to the bank for Drew. When we arrived there, Nora said she had peed.
Before we went into the bank I wanted to change her, and I find another diaper totally dry, but she is wet all over her legs!
Man this is annoying, what is wrong with these diapers? Now for anyone feeling like they might offer advice. This is not my first day on the job. She is in Size 6 Huggies supreme. So I know it was a good diaper.
I have had 3 other children and not had this happen ever before?

So we leave the bank and go home to start put different clothes on and get food.
I need to hurry because we have to be back into the city to pick up Seth for his very special BBQ and meet the teach night at his school. For reasons that will make sense in a few more lines, the invitation for the BBQ said from 3:30 to 7:00 pm.
Being the obvious genius I am I decided to pick the older two up early from school and we could all go in and pick Seth up instead of going back and forth a few times.
We arrived at Seth's school, sit in the chairs to wait for his class to be finished and Nora comes over walking with her legs very far apart and I can see the difference in colour on her pants.

I am so furious and confused now, and I honestly had the thought, that this diaper must have just given up. It is in total revolt now! It's on strike!
It must have thought, Listen little girl, I do the same thing day in and day out, with no thanks, no vacation days, no sick time.
It must have thought, I could catch all this pee, but I won't because what about what I need? Ever thought about that?
I can sympathize diaper, I feel for you, I have been there.

I thought this would not be a huge deal because we can just eat and go home.
4:00pm rolls around and I am getting a little tired of having sister wet pants sitting on me telling me she is cold , so I go walk down to Seth's class and ask his teacher, "what time are things starting again" I knew the invitation said 3:30, but I thought I would not be rude.
She smiles and says, Dinner is at 5:30pm and our class meeting is after that. So we are encouraging everyone to just wait in the cafeteria (which is packed BTW)
uuh...No, sorry that will no work for us.
I took the sheets of information chatted quickly with his speech lady and we left.(But Seth did give us a tour of his classroom and showed us that he was the special helper today.)

The roads were packed full of commuters getting home, going very slow, and I am really really done with this day, and Ethan says to me "mom can you turn up this song?"
I said sure, do you even know who this group is?
He says Yes, Its Hedley, can't you tell by his voice?

That's my boy!!! A lover of music!! That small moment in the truck, made the entire day better for a few seconds.Until Nora screamed at the other boys for some reason.

On the way home I picked up pizza and a stroller for Nora. One that has a really strong harness.

Is it bed time yet?

I am grateful Ethan loves music, and can sing along to most things on the radio. I am glad we have that in common.

Other then that, I got nothing, but after a good sleep, tomorrow will be much much better!


Wednesday, September 15

It only looks like poop

Today I thought I would be adventurous and try to cook, and not just cook a regular something. Today I decided  I was going to attempt a new recipe that has Tofu in it.
I have a sister in law that I adore who is a vegetarian and I want to have a broader cooking vocabulary to offer when she comes up to visit us.
So I found a recipe on a blog I read and I gave it a try.

I will not post the blog, or the recipe because it was horrible,
This is what it looked like, I actually get the warm saliva's just looking at the picture again.

But I did learn one thing about Tofu today. When you are suppose to dry the sliced tofu and lay it on paper towel and you do not have any paper towel, so instead you use wine coloured napkins, tofu will actually become a light shade of the colour of the napkins. Kinda gross.

It only looks like poop, it tasted awful (I would have said it tasted like poop too, but I have no idea what that tastes like) except for the perfectly sautéed mushrooms, everything else was nasty and greasy.

I then made cinnamon buns to make up for this flub. Why am I so awful in the kitchen. For someone who loves food as much as I do, why could cooking not be a talent I was born with???
My poor family.

Tonight after we gave the children a bath, Drew was getting Nora ready for bed and she smashed her head into his lip, made it bleed and now its a little puffy, perfect timing, we get family pictures done this weekend.

I have begged him to tell people I popped him one in the kisser, but he said no.

I am grateful I did not lose my mind today listening to Nora scream over everything.
God grant me the serenity.

I am grateful I have friends.

I am grateful for comfortable underwear, and proper fitting bras.