Friday, August 20

You are a good daddy

Drew got home from work and Nora requested some of his time upstairs in her beauty salon. It was very entertaining listening to the two of them.

I remember when we first had Ethan and Drew would dress form head to toe in a contamination suit complete with charcoal mask just to change the diaper genie. Wretching the entire time.
Now when Nora needs a change he can even do it with one wipe instead of the entire box.

He use to be so grossed out when some baby food would get on his pants, he would change and shower to clean off. Now he just wipes it into his pants more to get rid of the loose stuff and shrugs "ooh well"

I went up to check at how his salon appointment was going and I found this

looks good love
Look how careful she is being.

It might be a bit hard to tell, but I will give you a few guesses as to who runs the show around here.


I am grateful Gabe did not actually break his foot like we first thought. He only bruised it very badly. like I said earlier, at least one ER trip a month.

I am grateful its the weekend.

I am grateful my husband is man enough to wear bows, pink, green, yellow, and blue scarves and ladybug hair clips. 
Even if he does not understand how much this will mean to her, he trusts it will one day, so he does it anyway.



Caylee said...

Ummmm, why is Nora so big?? What happened?! These are great memories, thanks for sharing. ;)

Mackenzie said...

That's so cute, I love it!