Friday, August 13

Why am I not surprised?!

Tonight Drew is going camping with the kids, and I am going to get a weekend off with my friends. A real girls weekend off. 
Ya ya I had last weekend off too, but that is because I have a wonderful husband (and the weekend got cut short last time because the window blew out and there was a storm) so they came home early (the first night) to repair the window, and stay dry. 

So this weekend is the retry camping weekend. 

It is 12:30 pm and I am getting ready to go out with friends at 2pm..... and Ethan comes down stairs with this.

He was running upstairs and hit the wall. Split his eyebrow and I actually think it could use a stitch. 


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Mackenzie said...

Ouch! That does look kinda deep! I got one of those on the same spot. Except I fell off my bike, and my glasses stabbed me in the eyebrow. They were literally sticking out of my head! I only needed a butterfly bandage though, so maybe he could get away with that too?