Friday, August 6

The title page of my life

Yesterday afternoon the children asked me to make popcorn for them. 
I was so absentminded that when the popcorn was done, I turned to grab it and, well....

this should/could be the title page of my life.

What you can't see it the pile of equal size on the floor.  Almost Joelle, almost.


I wanted to say a personal hello and thank you to each and every person who has taken time out of their very busy lives to drop by and read my blog.
I have recently had my 1,000 guest over (figuratively) and I wanted to let you all know how thankful I am that you have come over to visit.
I would love to say hi to each of you, so if you ever wanted to, I would love the chance to get to know everyone better.

To make it more interesting, I would love to hear one thing you do to find balance, or to keep balance in your life. Maybe add your province or state so I can tell where you are from, and I can lovingly stalk you ;)

After re-reading this, maybe what I should ask is for you to tell me something you do that brings you happiness, because balance is a life long journey.

This morning:
I am grateful its the weekend
I am grateful it was only 400 Friday at physio today. PG said 400 planks, 400 needles I expected worse.
I am grateful for this blog and having a venue in which I feel heard.
I am grateful for this book Eat, Pray, Love. I feel like there are a lot of personal similarities in this book right now for me, and I am grateful for her personal realisations. I appreciate learning from her life experiences



Shelly said...

Joelle, you crack me up!! I love reading your blog!

Shelly said...

Joelle, you crack me up! And my life is so out of balance right now its not funny. Maybe I will learn how too!

Unknown said...

well at least it was popped popcorn better than the full 4lt jug of milk that got droped by a kid in my house that all seeped between the lino and the counter wich meant i had to pull the front peice off the bottom the counter and try to clean all the milk out before it went sour and without breaking the wood front of the cupboard, then while cleaning that up the same child broke the glass door to the entertainment center and it didn't just break it shattered like a windsheild!!! As for balance if both hands have something in them I'm balanced or if i have food in both hands or a kids hand in either of mine then I'm balanced!!!! hahaha still working on it and I too love you TONS!!! Joelle (you bring me many monents of giggles)