Tuesday, August 31

One day left!!

Today is the day... Its the last day of August. Do you remember what that means?
Yes for most people I know, today they are excited for school to start tomorrow - yah yah yah.  Think bigger people! 

Yes I am excited for school too, but today is the day the lottery for SNL tickets happens!!! I have been so anxious all day, wishing that 3 friends will get contacted saying they were drawn for tickets. Then I will get to go to New York three different times! (Right Honey... wink wink). I have been daydreaming all day about who I might get to see live; will it be Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, or will Will Ferrell host the day I get to go? Also in my daydream after the show they come into the audience and meet people. I will get to say hello, and get my picture taken with them. Strike up a witty conversation and get invited to dinner. Farfetched yes, but I did say it was a daydream.

Sigh.... I am getting really excited!

Also today we are working hard to make sure our house is clean, and organized. Laundry is all done, clothes put away, kitchen cleaned, lunch paraphernalia purchased, special dinner tonight prepared (Salmon Tikka with cucumber salad and Naan bread, with brushetta as a starter), special breakfast for the morning decided and ready (French toast with peaches), and back to school outfits picked.

We all have our outfits laid out which for the boys is just a new t-shirt because they are thankfully still un-interested in clothes, and yes I have my first day of school outfit picked out too.

I want to look presentable for the new teachers. Lets face it, most days I don't feel mature enough to care for a fake plant, let alone 4 children. So I need as much help looking my age as I can get.
Don't get me wrong, I do look really great for my age, I've been told I look more like a college student than a stay at home mom, so I want to look put together, mature and respectable.

Okay, I even found that one hard to type without laughing out loud.

Right now the house is peaceful, the children are asleep, there is a beautiful thunderstorm outside and I can feel the rain and smell the clean fresh air.  What a gorgeous night!


I am grateful my ankle feels strong.  I remember sitting on the couch not too long ago feeling pretty sorry for myself thinking I would never be back to where I was before.  And although I might not be 100%, PG has helped me get pretty dang close. I love you PG!

I am grateful for four beautiful, healthy children that are complicated and diverse, and so much fun.

I am also grateful for my dear friend who didn't kill me today because I forgot to pick up her daughter to come over for a play date.  Crap!  Please forgive me!  I forgot then had company come over... I'm so sorry!  But if it's any consolation I didn't totally forget because I'm remembering at 9pm.


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