Sunday, August 29

My weekends top 10

This weekend was busy... the children are getting more and more excited with school starting soon, the weather is getting cooler, and the boys hiking trip every September long weekend is fast approaching so our house has been pretty disorganized these last few days getting ready for it all.

Because I tend to write very long winded posts I decided to shorten it by doing a top 10 list. That way I still talk about everything, without the often painful detail...

So, this is my top 10 things I should NOT have done this weekend.

10-Do not drink a coke after 3pm on a Friday if you want to go to sleep at a good time, because you might have a very long road trip the next morning.

9-Do not plan a very long road trip on a Saturday morning so freaking early. Because you might drink a coke the night before and not sleep well.

8-Do not tell your new friend from England (who you happened to invite on your road trip) how much you like chocolate when you are trying to lose weight, because she might purchase you some English chocolate for you to try on your road trip.

7-Don't get into a debate with your new English friend about how Canadian chocolate is no different then English chocolate, both are wonderful. American chocolate, now that stuff is awful.

6-Do not pull over on your road trip with your new English friend and buy 2 very large chocolate bars just to prove to her that Canadian chocolate is just as good as English, then eat both bars....not a great weight loss idea! Knowing full well she will agree in the end both are delicious!..ha see, told you so;)

5-Do not invite your new English friend, who incidentally comes with a hyper cry mode, with you to your other friends house who is getting a divorce to help her pack. The atmosphere was not super uplifting, and hyper cry English friend will just start crying while folding clothes, eating lunch, vacuuming or just standing there which will cause me to cry, and my friend who is getting the divorce to as well. Crying is not something I do much of, but will as a "if you do it, so will I" type response. Nicely done SAM!

4-On the very long drive home, do not over drink liquids, and laugh the entire drive home. It causes a near miss while finding a bathroom when you do get home.

3-Do not fall asleep while driving home on a major highway and go off the road, through a barbed wire fence, and end up in the middle of a farmers field. THIS WAS NOT ME!!! But the Jeep ahead of me could have used this advice yesterday. Scary, but all were okay!

2-Definitely do NOT invite your friend a few houses down who just bought a brand new puppy over so your children (who really want a puppy) can meet her new puppy. And do not do it while she actually has 2 puppies because she is watching your other friends new puppy too. When you are this stupid, do not be surprised that for the next two hours (and entire next day) after your friend takes the puppies home, all your children talk about is when do they get a baby puppy. GRRR!

1-And the number one thing you should not do is....When you go back to school shopping for your children, do not forget what grade your oldest son is actually going into. When you get to the store and they have all the supply lists for the schools and grades for your town, grab the wrong list, buy everything on the wrong list, then start marking everything you bought with your child's name-then notice it's all for the wrong grade!!! And have to go back to the store on Monday to re-purchase all the correct supplies.

Not my finest hour.


I am grateful I have wonderful people in my life. My friends are diverse, and beautiful, and bring me happiness. Some I get to see a lot, some I only chat with on line, but I am a very lucky girl.

I am grateful Sam (aka new English friend) did not pee in my truck.

I am really grateful my dear friend who is getting a divorce did not punch me in the face for being such a downer yesterday. I promise it will only be inappropriate jokes from now on. Forgive me. And not just Canadian inappropriate, I am going English inappropriate!! Watch out!!
I love you.

I am grateful today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday.  Which means my Physio Guy is on vacation and I get Lenny Kravitz as my physiotherapist tomorrow!!! Sigh... For some reason, tropical music is playing in my head.


Leah Merryweather said...

Oh, Joelle, thanks for starting off my day with a great laugh!!
And really, I don't think your readers(especially this one) minds the long winded, with the painful detail stories!
I know its sick and twisted to laugh at your pain, but you spin it so amusingly!!
XO Leah

Percy2626 said...

I love long winded stories, they are right up my alley!!!! I have to say, a top 10 list is not super short for you either! :D

Right now at our home "Daddy is allergic to puppies!" About every two days he gets to answer, "Daddy are you still allergic to puppies?" He's not by the way, but the 4 year old thinks he is!!! If we ever move to an acreage there will be puppies and kitties galore!

Have a great week.

Natasha said...

Add to do not list:

Do not come help your friend going through a divorce and then describe the short trip to help her as a "very long road trip" on your blog. It will make her feel bad. But also, she'll wonder WTH because she KNOWS full well that you go on actual very long road trips to BC and also to Calgary (which is also not a very long road trip) (says she who loathes to drive distances).

Also, meant to say that when I said "no really" that you had improved your habit of exaggeration, I wasn't being sarcastic. I meant it. Kind of sounded sarcastic, though. Which was funny.

J said...

The trip to come help and see you was great, the driving was long because I had to drive slowly because I could not see due to the large pillows blocking windows, and the trip back was long because of the idiot in the field (lots of police) and having to pee REALLY BAD. Neither of which was anything for you to feel bad about.

Monika Crowfoot said...

LOL! i love your posts...and i love you! oh yes, and i love the painful details.. ;)