Tuesday, August 3

My goals.

I have decided to write down my goals for this year.
A year for me during this stage of my life (having a young family) mimics the school year more than the calendar year.

So with the new school year fast approaching I have been thinking about things I would like to accomplish during this next year.

I think it is really important to always have goals. I enjoy growth, even when it’s hard, and I think having set goals helps move that along.

(It also helps to have a date to have the goal accomplished by)

In no particular order here are my goals for this year:

Have my home renovations completed.
Now this one is tricky because I will not actually be doing the work required to finish these tasks, Drew does them, so really what my goal will/should be is to have successfully complained/whined/demanded/pouted/bribed well enough that these things get done.

Travel to New York City and see a live taping of Saturday night live.
This one is tricky as well, because to get the tickets requires entering a lottery and this is where my friends come into play.
I ask  little of my friends but I am in need of help. SNL does their tickets as a lottery system and will draw for them in a few weeks. Only one address per house hold so I am asking all of you to help me out by entering this lottery in hopes you might get drawn for a pair of tickets. Then hopefully, you will be kind enough to give them to me so that I might fulfill one of my life’s dreams. So in the off chance you might be willing to help me out.
Drew has also said if I get more than one pair of tickets I can go again... which would allow a trip with g-friends;)

Do enough Yoga that I am able to practice at home alone, without an instructor.

Save Three Thousand dollars.

Try rock climbing again, without having a panic attack. But if I do freak out, have it somewhat contained.

Lose 10 pounds. 

Get showered and dressed every day I drop off Seth at school (larger goal,  just not to wear PJ's in public EVER!!)

Start running again.  

Have at least one reader of my blog in every Province, every Territory and every State.  

All the while still being a semi-functioning mom of 4. Keeping the house in some resemblance of order, with 3 meals prepared a day that are not from a box..... Should be no problem right?


I am grateful that my filming skills and my husbands editing skills possibly helped (hypothetically cause I'm not allowed to tell anyone) my brother got a callback for Wipeout Canada.

I am grateful that my children took it so well when I accidentally threw out their Black Eyed Peas CD when I was cleaning out the truck.  Oops.

I am grateful that my hair appointment is booked soon.


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