Monday, August 30

More from England

There is only one day left until the boys are all back in school, so because the weather was awful today, and we are trying to get ready for back to school we spent the day in the house. Cleaning and baking were the main activities.
Banana, blueberry,(the 3 green ones are dyed on purpose) Also cheese and bacon biscuits

That and dressing up for war. Not exactly sure what war requires cat and dinosaur uniforms, but it would be an interesting one!

So if you are easily offended, please stop reading here!

Drew was not feeling well today, so he stayed home and slept most of the day, when he woke up he was asking how Natasha (our friends getting the divorce)  were doing. I told him about the entire day, and he laughed. 

I also told him when Natasha, Sam and I went to Subway to eat lunch we were chatting about England vs Canada. Natasha was telling us about her trip to Wales last summer. We were also talking about what things mean and are called in both places. And that's when Sam told us a few things like;

Erasers-in England are rubbers
Squash-in England they call them Juice 
Eggplants are called aubergines

Then Sam was telling us the word you use to call a silly person in England.
You call them a Twat. Yup, I am not joking!
I quite honestly almost died. I could not breath I was laughing so hard. I think that was when Natasha snorted she laughed so hard too. I have not heard that word in years!

Sam is a very kind and good woman, she is very sensitive and would never be rude, so she clearly had NO idea!

So after a few moment Natasha and I gained our composure and calmed down a bit, Sam was drinking a juice, and that's when Natasha and I told her what that word meant here in Canada, and that juice came shooting out of her nose so fast I actually think it hit the guy sitting behind me in the next booth.
Poor Sam! She went all different shades of Red.

I tell ya, I am really growing to love England.

In completely unrelated news, because everyone was sick here today I had to cancel my Physio appointment with Lenny... not very happy about it either. But I did rebook for Friday.


I am grateful for the weather getting a little cooler. Now I know it was an awful summer and the cold weather is not great, but I hate being really hot. I like sweater and jean weather. Fall has always been my favorite season.

I am grateful for Now radio, 102.3 here in Edmonton is a really funny station, they keep me giggling all day.

I am grateful for hope. That is a wonderful feeling.



Monika Crowfoot said...

i love fall too. and i'm clueless and curious...what does twat mean?

Leah Merryweather said...

I LOVE British expressions!! I learn a new one every time I go over there!!
I am also grateful for NOW Radio as it makes me laugh almost as much as your blog.
And I am grateful for you for not just making me laugh, but for motivating me in good ways.

Claudine said...

British Expression always make me laugh. I'm glad I say them sometimes when I pretend to be English. It's so me! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!