Thursday, August 5

A little scared

Today I am a little scared.
As most know I have been in physio for a few months now fixing my ankle and my back. And Physio guy has done an amazing job. I have felt amazing. Maybe even too good. So good in fact I thought I could start doing hot yoga. My plan was to do hot yoga every night and physio in the mornings. After my first class I went to physio and told PG and mini PG (the student) what I was up to and made sure it would be okay.
And to my surprise some of the things I do at Yoga were in fact not ideal for me to do with my two tiny bulging disks.  So mini PG showed me things that would be better and some things to avoid.

Well...I thought, It doesn’t hurt, so I will be okay..... ugh... I am an idiot.

During my hot class last night I could not even finish the entire class my back hurt so bad. The instructor came over and talked to me. She said she could see I was struggling and asked if sitting against the back wall would feel better. I felt like my teacher put me in the corner. It sucked.She might as well have put a dunce cap on - that would have been less embarrassing.
When the class was over I spoke to the instructor privately and told her about my back/ankle and she said:

Well, what does your physio therapist say?
I told her PG was not really excited about me doing certain bends, he was supportive, but told me things to avoid.
She asks, do you trust your Physio guy?
I said yes, very much
She asked who I go to
I told her the real name of PG
Turns out he was her physio guy for a long time and she said "if he told you to not do something, you should listen to him, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Great, so now I get to go tomorrow morning with my tail between my legs and say I hurt myself because I did not listen to you.
He will be kind, and not say much, but I can already see the slight grin and the  twinkle in his eyes as he sharpens his little pile of needles to jab into my back. 


I am very grateful I did not die in my Hot Yoga class last night. It was 48 degrees (No lie!) I was dizzy, sore, and annoyed with the extreme heat. I also found the very loud breathing man beside me exceptionally annoying. But thankfully death by boiling evaded me.

I am grateful that, by law, PG can’t flog me at my next Physio appointment. Although I am sure he will have some sort of “exercise” equally as punishing.  Truth be told, I will deserve it.

I am grateful my children have enough self-confidence to wear things that they love, no matter what others might think.

I am grateful for my loving kids that made this for me (all by themselves) even though my back hurt and I didn't play much today.

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Amy said...

Hot yoga does not sound like something I want to try :)
I love all the fun stuff you do with your boys, they look so happy!