Friday, August 13

Ho Hum part 2

This morning it is very wet and cold outside, I knew this the second I woke up because my ankle was sending Morse code signals to my back informing me of the temperature. Getting out of bed when its a little colder out is not super pleasant. The first few steps are awkward and really funny looking. I know this because of the full length mirror in my room, it is very merciless and mocks me openly when I walk. After about 10 steps or so my ankle and back loosens up enough for me to look more normal.. ish, enough so my daughter is no longer scared of me.

I woke up to the boys playing with our old video camera this morning. They have been watching the TV show icarly, and want to be just like her/them. So they have been making their own little movies and commentating about everything.

Ethan:” Gabe, you need to kick super high, just like Kick ass.”
Mom: “Ethan, Ass is not a very nice word, maybe we could just say butt, or bum”
Seth: “no, ass is more fun to say”

I met a new family the other day that will be going to the same church as us. They are from England, and the mom was super charming. We got along instantly.
She told me they had gone to church last week and that a her little boy (age 7) went to his primary class and met all the children. (I was not there last weekend)
She said that the children were really nice, and excited to have a new boy in their class who “sounds like Harry Potter.” Super cute.

Drew is taking the children camping this weekend again, hopefully an uneventful trip this time. The last two times he has gone he has had the same window blow out while he was driving on the highway to the camp spot. Thankfully no one was hurt, and thankfully the window blew out onto the road, instead of into my trailer. But that trailer has been a bit of a challenge for Drew so far.

Here are some highlights from our second camping trip this summer.
This is the trailer, a little rough looking I know.
I had to make Nora some shoes out of potholders and duct tape because she went in the lake 20 minutes after we arrived and I only had one pair of shoes. Very clever if I do say so myself.
Dinner time with friends.
Cute little lake.

I am grateful for rainy days. I like having a relax day once in a while. It helps me catch up with laundry.

I am grateful school is almost here. I am in no rush to have the children gone, but they are getting really bored.

I am grateful August is almost over, and I will find out soon if I am going to SNL. 

I am grateful I wrote this on my Blog spot site because I was almost done and I hit some button and it erased it all, but because I wrote in on blog spot it was saved....sigh...That would have sucked a lot.


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Mel said...

Ass IS more fun to say... LOL Your boys crack me up.