Tuesday, August 3


This weekend Uncle Dawson was sporting a headband and like most everything Dawson does,it was an instant hit! Now headbands have become the most important thing in the world to my little crew. The entire drive home from Canmore all I heard was “when can we get a headband” “I want a headband like uncle Dawson” blah blah blah...

Dawson is the fashion Guru of this house and has been for a few years now, I really should not be surprised anymore. To be honest I think it’s really cute. I am just super grateful his natural style in an easy one to copy.

So from the moment I woke today all I heard was “when do we get to go get a headband mom?”  
I needed to pick up TP anyhow, so a trip to WalMart was planned.
While I was getting ready Nora came down stairs and had brown muck all over her hands and face...I was a little worried at first, but the closer I got to her I could smell it was only chocolate. Huge sigh of relief!

Nora, where did you get all the chocolate?

 From the chips in the fridge.

I took her up stairs to wash it off and there was Gabe’s toothbrush on the counter covered in the same chocolate muck.
Nora why does Gabe’s tooth brush have chocolate all over it?

I needed to get it off my teeth

Why didn't you use your toothbrush then?

I didn’t want that gross stuff on my brush.

Smart girl.

As I was finishing drying Nora's face, I started calling from upstairs “okay boys, put on your shoes, and go wait in the truck"

Once the boys have their shoes on they go outside to the truck and get in their seats.
I get out there with Nora and we are off to WalMart.

We park and get out, I go grab a cart and Seth walks over to me.
And this is what I see

This is one of his slippers if you can't tell

Sigh....that boy cracks me up.

And here is the crew with the new headbands. 

And of course with every fashion trend, Nora takes it to the next level by wearing two at once.

Kids make me laugh.


I am grateful I have children that are very funny, and are still young enough they think I am fun to hang out with.

I am grateful its almost bed time, I am very tired today.

I am grateful I am feeling better.



Sam and/or Monika said...

I am gonna rock a shoe and a slipper to walmart today in homage to your children. Pure Awesomeness

J said...

I laughed hard enough I shot milk out my nose when I read this, if you do, take a picture!!

Amy said...

Love it!!!!

Melissa Haavind said...

I love how the bear has the headband too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joelle it's Kels your COUSIN!! Your kids are just beyond beautiful, and I'm so touched you put that picture of Dave and I up from the wedding! Gabe looks so much like Dawson in this picture it's Crazy!! I so wish we could've spent more time together this summer,and that i could've had some quality time with the kids, but the wedding really was toooo busy. Hope you are well, give the family love, Kels