Tuesday, August 24

Have Mercy!!

I am a mom of boys, I feel I am a good mom of boys too. That is why I have 3, because the universe knew they would turn out relatively unharmed in my care. The universe knew that by nature I am a "rub some dirt on it" type of girl so boys would be most appropriate. 

I have no idea why on earth the Lord sent me a girl. I have zero abilities to deal with her roller coaster of emotions, constant tears, never ending costume changes, piggy tails in-piggy tails out, jumping on my furniture..and of course.....Will this incessant whining EVER end?!!!!!  I am not cut out for this at ALL!!

 What on earth could possibly be worthy of a scream/cry that requires you to do it at the top of your lungs, let alone maintaining it for 10 solid minutes at age 2?
 I dare say it is not the absence of a Barbie, which is the reason I was given. To me, such a reaction might follow an amputation, perhaps you would make that noise while being chased by Freddy, or while witnessing a horrific natural disaster? But over Barbie...pft!

I have two boys who needed to be stitched up who did not scream like this.

Boys get mad, fight, hit, then hug it out. And that is it. Although I often feel like a ref, yelling is a thing that is  few and far between.

I do feel like my boys do not listen to me as well as they could/should but do have a reasonable level of common sense. When its cold in our house, they will dress appropriately, unlike the female counterpart in our home who has only worn a bathing suite for the last 3 weeks (even when it is 15 degrees out). In her defense she will cover it with a cat costume 4 or 5 times a day when need be. But for the most part sits on the couch in her swim suit yelling at me "mom I am freezing" to which I lovingly, with my teeth grinding, reply "then go put on a pair of pants and a shirt" to which she retorts, No! I don't want to" but I am cold...and so goes my never ending, mind numbing, muscle tensing circle of debate with a toddler.  BWAAAHHHHH!

Then comes the topic of food.
Nora prefers milk, she does not love real food, only endless glasses of milk. "I want milk" You mean Can I have milk please?"
Can I have milk please mom?
 Sure, but how about carrots, and cheese too?
Then the whining resumes...I actually need to cock my head to a 45 degree angle and slightly close one eye so my ear drums and brain don't explode from the frequency her scream is hitting. 

In a frustrated annoyance I go upstairs and throw myself on my bed, exhausted from the day "Where did this dramatic little thing come from"  How do I make her stop yelling, and what do I do when she becomes a teenager??!!!

I beg of you ..sedate me PLEASE!!


I am grateful to the first friend who wants to give me an early birthday gift of having me committed into the mental hospital for a little R & R. I will be eternally grateful! And I promise to return the favor one day if you want!

I am grateful for my brilliant decision to buy Nora a sing along tape player at value village yesterday. She can now sing along to any and all music that can be played on her little player, and her voice is magnified too. 
I am a genius....(eyes closed while gently shaking head) 

more seriously
I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother to four beautiful children, they are my heart and my soul. They are not easy, but there is nothing more wonderful in the whole world then a child's laugh.
I am grateful to my dear friends who allow me to love their babies too. 
I am grateful for the woman my children have allowed me to become, I like this me better!

As I am writing this Nora just came up the stairs with huge tears in her eyes crying and screaming saying..."I WANT MILK" while dragging her cat costume for me to "put on!"




Shelly said...

I am so with you on this one. My boys are pretty easy going, and I hardly ever hear them whine. My girl on the other hand.... OH MY GOODNESS!! She can whine and cry over nothing.

Alex said...

Our girls must meet at night and plan their day, because they sound like the EXACT same person. Good Luck......

Monika Crowfoot said...

that is EXACTLY like makayah. i grew up with boys...i feel completely out of my league here...and at the same time, it's like i am my mother looking down upon myself, back in time, when i was that age. lord have mercy, indeed. AND another diva on the way! ;) there's a recurring theme in my life, i've found...meTHINKS, the lord is trying to teach me patience.