Wednesday, August 18

Fast food

Yesterday I had to take Seth to see our pediatrician, it was an appointment later in the afternoon so we left late and I had not prepared anything for dinner.

I hate feeling rushed for food, because 100% of the time I will pick up something fast which is less then ideal for human consumption. Most fast food I would not feed to a pet I was trying to kill off, let alone my beautiful children.But every once in a while I cave and surrender to their wines and begging.

Tonight was one of those nights.

So I thought I would pick something up that seemed a little better. I went to Safeway (which in our family is a sin  punishable by death because Steve my dad is the manager of Co-op)

I let the children pick what they wanted and fried chicken, french fries and sushi made it into our cart.

While we were finishing up, and going down the last isle I ran into a woman I met years ago in the emergency room of our town hospital.
I was in with an injured child(shocking I know) and she was in with a breast infection.She had just had a baby and was struggling with breastfeeding. We began chatting and had lots in common. We have been chatting on and off for 7 years now. Never on the phone or play dates with kids, we just seem to bump into each other here and there. 

It makes me feel good. 

Unlike the fried chicken, French fries and sushi. I do not feel good today about that. Or maybe its because I did not get to be until 3 am because I drove my friend home last night after she came over to visit me. 

Today will be rough.

I am grateful for our pediatrician he is an amazing doctor, and I feel my children are well cared for.

I am grateful for fresh starts

I am grateful School is almost here, my babies are getting really excited for the new year.


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