Monday, August 9


Nora comes up to me today with her darling little pointer finger up.

Mom, can you take this? I look to see what "this" is.

It's a booger, a HUGE booger on the end of her finger.

Nora, go get a Kleenex and wipe it off and then throw the Kleenex in the bin.

No mom, you do it, I don't wanna touch it, its gross.

This was not in my job description!


I am grateful for perogies. To me they are the ultimate comfort food. My boys asked for them for dinner tonight. We hardly ever make them, so when we do it is a real treat.

I am grateful the weather was so beautiful today. We had fun at the park.

I just found out tonight at physio that PG is going on vacation with his family at the end of the month, and LENNY KRAVITZ is going to be my sub physio guy for a whole week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh hu, ooh ya!!!


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