Tuesday, August 31

One day left!!

Today is the day... Its the last day of August. Do you remember what that means?
Yes for most people I know, today they are excited for school to start tomorrow - yah yah yah.  Think bigger people! 

Yes I am excited for school too, but today is the day the lottery for SNL tickets happens!!! I have been so anxious all day, wishing that 3 friends will get contacted saying they were drawn for tickets. Then I will get to go to New York three different times! (Right Honey... wink wink). I have been daydreaming all day about who I might get to see live; will it be Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, or will Will Ferrell host the day I get to go? Also in my daydream after the show they come into the audience and meet people. I will get to say hello, and get my picture taken with them. Strike up a witty conversation and get invited to dinner. Farfetched yes, but I did say it was a daydream.

Sigh.... I am getting really excited!

Also today we are working hard to make sure our house is clean, and organized. Laundry is all done, clothes put away, kitchen cleaned, lunch paraphernalia purchased, special dinner tonight prepared (Salmon Tikka with cucumber salad and Naan bread, with brushetta as a starter), special breakfast for the morning decided and ready (French toast with peaches), and back to school outfits picked.

We all have our outfits laid out which for the boys is just a new t-shirt because they are thankfully still un-interested in clothes, and yes I have my first day of school outfit picked out too.

I want to look presentable for the new teachers. Lets face it, most days I don't feel mature enough to care for a fake plant, let alone 4 children. So I need as much help looking my age as I can get.
Don't get me wrong, I do look really great for my age, I've been told I look more like a college student than a stay at home mom, so I want to look put together, mature and respectable.

Okay, I even found that one hard to type without laughing out loud.

Right now the house is peaceful, the children are asleep, there is a beautiful thunderstorm outside and I can feel the rain and smell the clean fresh air.  What a gorgeous night!


I am grateful my ankle feels strong.  I remember sitting on the couch not too long ago feeling pretty sorry for myself thinking I would never be back to where I was before.  And although I might not be 100%, PG has helped me get pretty dang close. I love you PG!

I am grateful for four beautiful, healthy children that are complicated and diverse, and so much fun.

I am also grateful for my dear friend who didn't kill me today because I forgot to pick up her daughter to come over for a play date.  Crap!  Please forgive me!  I forgot then had company come over... I'm so sorry!  But if it's any consolation I didn't totally forget because I'm remembering at 9pm.


Monday, August 30

More from England

There is only one day left until the boys are all back in school, so because the weather was awful today, and we are trying to get ready for back to school we spent the day in the house. Cleaning and baking were the main activities.
Banana, blueberry,(the 3 green ones are dyed on purpose) Also cheese and bacon biscuits

That and dressing up for war. Not exactly sure what war requires cat and dinosaur uniforms, but it would be an interesting one!

So if you are easily offended, please stop reading here!

Drew was not feeling well today, so he stayed home and slept most of the day, when he woke up he was asking how Natasha (our friends getting the divorce)  were doing. I told him about the entire day, and he laughed. 

I also told him when Natasha, Sam and I went to Subway to eat lunch we were chatting about England vs Canada. Natasha was telling us about her trip to Wales last summer. We were also talking about what things mean and are called in both places. And that's when Sam told us a few things like;

Erasers-in England are rubbers
Squash-in England they call them Juice 
Eggplants are called aubergines

Then Sam was telling us the word you use to call a silly person in England.
You call them a Twat. Yup, I am not joking!
I quite honestly almost died. I could not breath I was laughing so hard. I think that was when Natasha snorted she laughed so hard too. I have not heard that word in years!

Sam is a very kind and good woman, she is very sensitive and would never be rude, so she clearly had NO idea!

So after a few moment Natasha and I gained our composure and calmed down a bit, Sam was drinking a juice, and that's when Natasha and I told her what that word meant here in Canada, and that juice came shooting out of her nose so fast I actually think it hit the guy sitting behind me in the next booth.
Poor Sam! She went all different shades of Red.

I tell ya, I am really growing to love England.

In completely unrelated news, because everyone was sick here today I had to cancel my Physio appointment with Lenny... not very happy about it either. But I did rebook for Friday.


I am grateful for the weather getting a little cooler. Now I know it was an awful summer and the cold weather is not great, but I hate being really hot. I like sweater and jean weather. Fall has always been my favorite season.

I am grateful for Now radio, 102.3 here in Edmonton is a really funny station, they keep me giggling all day.

I am grateful for hope. That is a wonderful feeling.


Sunday, August 29

My weekends top 10

This weekend was busy... the children are getting more and more excited with school starting soon, the weather is getting cooler, and the boys hiking trip every September long weekend is fast approaching so our house has been pretty disorganized these last few days getting ready for it all.

Because I tend to write very long winded posts I decided to shorten it by doing a top 10 list. That way I still talk about everything, without the often painful detail...

So, this is my top 10 things I should NOT have done this weekend.

10-Do not drink a coke after 3pm on a Friday if you want to go to sleep at a good time, because you might have a very long road trip the next morning.

9-Do not plan a very long road trip on a Saturday morning so freaking early. Because you might drink a coke the night before and not sleep well.

8-Do not tell your new friend from England (who you happened to invite on your road trip) how much you like chocolate when you are trying to lose weight, because she might purchase you some English chocolate for you to try on your road trip.

7-Don't get into a debate with your new English friend about how Canadian chocolate is no different then English chocolate, both are wonderful. American chocolate, now that stuff is awful.

6-Do not pull over on your road trip with your new English friend and buy 2 very large chocolate bars just to prove to her that Canadian chocolate is just as good as English, then eat both bars....not a great weight loss idea! Knowing full well she will agree in the end both are delicious!..ha see, told you so;)

5-Do not invite your new English friend, who incidentally comes with a hyper cry mode, with you to your other friends house who is getting a divorce to help her pack. The atmosphere was not super uplifting, and hyper cry English friend will just start crying while folding clothes, eating lunch, vacuuming or just standing there which will cause me to cry, and my friend who is getting the divorce to as well. Crying is not something I do much of, but will as a "if you do it, so will I" type response. Nicely done SAM!

4-On the very long drive home, do not over drink liquids, and laugh the entire drive home. It causes a near miss while finding a bathroom when you do get home.

3-Do not fall asleep while driving home on a major highway and go off the road, through a barbed wire fence, and end up in the middle of a farmers field. THIS WAS NOT ME!!! But the Jeep ahead of me could have used this advice yesterday. Scary, but all were okay!

2-Definitely do NOT invite your friend a few houses down who just bought a brand new puppy over so your children (who really want a puppy) can meet her new puppy. And do not do it while she actually has 2 puppies because she is watching your other friends new puppy too. When you are this stupid, do not be surprised that for the next two hours (and entire next day) after your friend takes the puppies home, all your children talk about is when do they get a baby puppy. GRRR!

1-And the number one thing you should not do is....When you go back to school shopping for your children, do not forget what grade your oldest son is actually going into. When you get to the store and they have all the supply lists for the schools and grades for your town, grab the wrong list, buy everything on the wrong list, then start marking everything you bought with your child's name-then notice it's all for the wrong grade!!! And have to go back to the store on Monday to re-purchase all the correct supplies.

Not my finest hour.


I am grateful I have wonderful people in my life. My friends are diverse, and beautiful, and bring me happiness. Some I get to see a lot, some I only chat with on line, but I am a very lucky girl.

I am grateful Sam (aka new English friend) did not pee in my truck.

I am really grateful my dear friend who is getting a divorce did not punch me in the face for being such a downer yesterday. I promise it will only be inappropriate jokes from now on. Forgive me. And not just Canadian inappropriate, I am going English inappropriate!! Watch out!!
I love you.

I am grateful today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday.  Which means my Physio Guy is on vacation and I get Lenny Kravitz as my physiotherapist tomorrow!!! Sigh... For some reason, tropical music is playing in my head.

Thursday, August 26


Today has been exhausting, I am so tired today I don't feel well. 

I really feel terrible actually, and to make it worse I had a moment today where I did not listen to that "little voice" and I feel awful about it. 

In my very first post on my brand spanking new blog I talked about my broken/sprained ankle/knee accident while I was rock climbing...well I never really told you the story about that night, and seeing how it pertains to today, I will tell it now. 

For Christmas Drew got me rock climbing classes, and on night 8 of 10 we were learning to fall. Lead fall to be more specific. Fall night is a big deal, its talked about from day one of classes, how all the other climbers always like to know when fall night is so they can come watch (and giggle) at the new people scream and sometimes cry. Kinda sick, sure, but a big deal regardless. 

On the day of fall night I was so excited, the anticipation of that night was crazy! I just knew I was going to do great, and after hearing all of Drew's stories about his fall night from when he took the class, it pumped me up even more. 
But all day I felt like I should stay away from this one woman in my class. We will call her Lee (not her real name).

I can not explain the feeling, I just felt I should stay away from Lee. She is a wonderful woman, I have gotten along with her every class, and find her very good at climbing. I just felt I should not climb with her.

I seldom make any decision that is not based on my feelings. It is my personal barometer, I 99% of the time will go on how someone or something makes me feel, and rarely look at something in a logical way. It is just not how I work. 

So when I arrived at class that night, we all reviewed everything, got all of the equipment on and fall night began. 
I went second and did 3 beautiful falls to complete the requirements for the night and although I was scared of heights, was feeling very proud of my accomplishments. 

Also on fall night you have to do lead belays, and that is when you help the lead climbers. So they don't hit the ground if they fall. Because sometimes it can physically move you to lead belay, it is required to do 3 as well. So you know what to expect.
Again, I completed my requirements with zero trouble.

Then Lee approached me. She said she still had to do her 3 lead belays (catches) and needed someone to fall  for her to pass the class.
 I felt a sick feeling in my stomach when, with four others sitting beside me, she said looking right at me,
"Joelle will you fall for me?"
I did not feel good, but I thought to myself why won't you help her? Other people helped you?
So I reluctantly agreed, I put my harness back on and began to climb. 
When I reached the top of the wall I felt sick and very scared. I felt like I should not do this.
But I ignored it, saying, don't be scared you have done this already.
Again I felt like I should not do this, and I dare say (and I know how weird this will sound) I actually heard a voice say "GET DOWN!" Do not do this!! 
To which I ignored my feelings and thought, well I don't want to seem rude.

I am embarrassed to admit I heard this voice two more times say "tell her you are sorry but you can not do this" Just climb down!!
sadly again, I ignored it, not wanting to seem rude.....

My instructor counted me off, and I let go. I fell 15 feet and my left foot hit one of the hand holds. 
I did not scream, I just felt instant pain. (for the record Lee did nothing wrong, it was a freak accident)

this is the very painful result of my ignorance
The reason today reminded me of this story was because I had an encounter with a woman today that did not go really well. She had done something I felt was really rude.

 Initially I felt like I should just let it go, I felt like I needed to be kind and not say anything, but I ignored that feeling and I snapped back. Maybe it was because I was tired, maybe because I felt justified, maybe I felt I needed to defend my little boy...whatever the reason,  I now feel ashamed, and sad, and disappointed in myself.

 I am better than this. 

How could I have not learned my lesson still, about listening to my inner voice. I am 31 years old, If I have not learned it now, will I ever?

As moms and women (men too...sometimes)  I believe we are give super human powers/inner voice/spirit/sixth sense whatever you want to call it to see and warn us of stuff there is no reason we should see, but we do.
 It freaks Drew out ALL the time. 
We have this gift to care for children and others...and ourselves. 

I have no idea what my words today did to that woman, I don't feel great about it. I will write her and say sorry. Tomorrow.

Humble pie sucks.


I am grateful we can try again, and make wrongs right again. It is seldom easy, but it can be done.
"Try a little harder to be a little better" GBH


Wednesday, August 25


Today is one of two hot days left  until school begins. The rest of "summer" is forecast to be colder and wet. So most of the afternoon today was spent playing in the sprinkler and pool. And of course redecorating with cheese...obviously?!


I am grateful for Advil

I am grateful for summer nights

I am grateful for hot wings and pizza


Tuesday, August 24

Have Mercy!!

I am a mom of boys, I feel I am a good mom of boys too. That is why I have 3, because the universe knew they would turn out relatively unharmed in my care. The universe knew that by nature I am a "rub some dirt on it" type of girl so boys would be most appropriate. 

I have no idea why on earth the Lord sent me a girl. I have zero abilities to deal with her roller coaster of emotions, constant tears, never ending costume changes, piggy tails in-piggy tails out, jumping on my furniture..and of course.....Will this incessant whining EVER end?!!!!!  I am not cut out for this at ALL!!

 What on earth could possibly be worthy of a scream/cry that requires you to do it at the top of your lungs, let alone maintaining it for 10 solid minutes at age 2?
 I dare say it is not the absence of a Barbie, which is the reason I was given. To me, such a reaction might follow an amputation, perhaps you would make that noise while being chased by Freddy, or while witnessing a horrific natural disaster? But over Barbie...pft!

I have two boys who needed to be stitched up who did not scream like this.

Boys get mad, fight, hit, then hug it out. And that is it. Although I often feel like a ref, yelling is a thing that is  few and far between.

I do feel like my boys do not listen to me as well as they could/should but do have a reasonable level of common sense. When its cold in our house, they will dress appropriately, unlike the female counterpart in our home who has only worn a bathing suite for the last 3 weeks (even when it is 15 degrees out). In her defense she will cover it with a cat costume 4 or 5 times a day when need be. But for the most part sits on the couch in her swim suit yelling at me "mom I am freezing" to which I lovingly, with my teeth grinding, reply "then go put on a pair of pants and a shirt" to which she retorts, No! I don't want to" but I am cold...and so goes my never ending, mind numbing, muscle tensing circle of debate with a toddler.  BWAAAHHHHH!

Then comes the topic of food.
Nora prefers milk, she does not love real food, only endless glasses of milk. "I want milk" You mean Can I have milk please?"
Can I have milk please mom?
 Sure, but how about carrots, and cheese too?
Then the whining resumes...I actually need to cock my head to a 45 degree angle and slightly close one eye so my ear drums and brain don't explode from the frequency her scream is hitting. 

In a frustrated annoyance I go upstairs and throw myself on my bed, exhausted from the day "Where did this dramatic little thing come from"  How do I make her stop yelling, and what do I do when she becomes a teenager??!!!

I beg of you ..sedate me PLEASE!!


I am grateful to the first friend who wants to give me an early birthday gift of having me committed into the mental hospital for a little R & R. I will be eternally grateful! And I promise to return the favor one day if you want!

I am grateful for my brilliant decision to buy Nora a sing along tape player at value village yesterday. She can now sing along to any and all music that can be played on her little player, and her voice is magnified too. 
I am a genius....(eyes closed while gently shaking head) 

more seriously
I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother to four beautiful children, they are my heart and my soul. They are not easy, but there is nothing more wonderful in the whole world then a child's laugh.
I am grateful to my dear friends who allow me to love their babies too. 
I am grateful for the woman my children have allowed me to become, I like this me better!

As I am writing this Nora just came up the stairs with huge tears in her eyes crying and screaming saying..."I WANT MILK" while dragging her cat costume for me to "put on!"



Friday, August 20

You are a good daddy

Drew got home from work and Nora requested some of his time upstairs in her beauty salon. It was very entertaining listening to the two of them.

I remember when we first had Ethan and Drew would dress form head to toe in a contamination suit complete with charcoal mask just to change the diaper genie. Wretching the entire time.
Now when Nora needs a change he can even do it with one wipe instead of the entire box.

He use to be so grossed out when some baby food would get on his pants, he would change and shower to clean off. Now he just wipes it into his pants more to get rid of the loose stuff and shrugs "ooh well"

I went up to check at how his salon appointment was going and I found this

looks good love
Look how careful she is being.

It might be a bit hard to tell, but I will give you a few guesses as to who runs the show around here.


I am grateful Gabe did not actually break his foot like we first thought. He only bruised it very badly. like I said earlier, at least one ER trip a month.

I am grateful its the weekend.

I am grateful my husband is man enough to wear bows, pink, green, yellow, and blue scarves and ladybug hair clips. 
Even if he does not understand how much this will mean to her, he trusts it will one day, so he does it anyway.


Family business

This morning I woke up to this

Hack hack!, cough cough!

Actually I did not sleep last night at all (I had a rough night) I hate it when Drew is traveling for work, anything that is going to go wrong will only ever happen when Drew is away.

This morning it progressively got more and more smokey, until it was so thick it has become hard to breath.
Apparently all this smoke is from B.C. I hate forest fires. Thanks for sharing B.C. but you can keep it to yourself next time.

Because it was so gross outside, today has been a stay at home, try to breath day. The children have been keeping busy by killing flies. Seth and Nora stun them with a quick smack with the fly swatter, then flick them onto the floor where Gabe is waiting with the wii bat to finish them off. He also has a napkin laid out to decrease the blood splatter and mess. So very thoughtful.

It is quite the operation they have going here. Drew and I always stress teamwork, and that is especially important in homicide and execution related activities. I am even more impressed with the attention to detail in regards to clean up. 18 have been reported "taken care of" so far. I am so proud *gush*

I am grateful for my friend Sam from England. She makes me laugh, and she downloaded an app on her phone called Charlie bit me, that made me laugh really hard. 

I am grateful the restaurant messed up my order tonight so not only did I get a discount, they made me another meal to take home for lunch tomorrow.

I am grateful I will be asleep before 3 am tonight.


Wednesday, August 18

My sweet little narcoleptic daughter

Where did I get this crazy little girl?

Nora has developed Narcolepcy in the last few weeks. When asked to do anything, good or bad, fun or not and she feels like it might not be something she wants to do...WHAM!  She is asleep. Today when I asked her to have a bite of her dinner, out like a light!  She will fall instantly to the ground, or do what we call the "no bones" if you are holding her.And not only does she fall instantly asleep, she fake snores too.

I know what you are thinking, how could such a spirited and colourful character like this little girl come from such a quiet and passive woman like me...I know right? I ask myself the same thing all the time? She gets it from her father;)


Today was a hard day, 

This morning I found out my friends are going to get a divorce. I am very sad because children are involved. For this one I feel no gratitude, but I pray they will find peace soon.

This morning Drew's boss received the horrible news that his son had gone missing. He had gone out with a friend into the back country to go fishing and was not heard from since last night. So Drew had the daunting task of going out with the father (his boss) to look (along with police) to try and find this boy.
I am grateful the child and his friend were both found well and safe. I felt sick all day, and all I could do was pray.

I am grateful my friend is getting answers concerning her child's health situation. Not all the news has been ideal, but knowing where to go is better then nothing.

Shamefully, I am grateful for Edo Japan again today....I know I know


Fast food

Yesterday I had to take Seth to see our pediatrician, it was an appointment later in the afternoon so we left late and I had not prepared anything for dinner.

I hate feeling rushed for food, because 100% of the time I will pick up something fast which is less then ideal for human consumption. Most fast food I would not feed to a pet I was trying to kill off, let alone my beautiful children.But every once in a while I cave and surrender to their wines and begging.

Tonight was one of those nights.

So I thought I would pick something up that seemed a little better. I went to Safeway (which in our family is a sin  punishable by death because Steve my dad is the manager of Co-op)

I let the children pick what they wanted and fried chicken, french fries and sushi made it into our cart.

While we were finishing up, and going down the last isle I ran into a woman I met years ago in the emergency room of our town hospital.
I was in with an injured child(shocking I know) and she was in with a breast infection.She had just had a baby and was struggling with breastfeeding. We began chatting and had lots in common. We have been chatting on and off for 7 years now. Never on the phone or play dates with kids, we just seem to bump into each other here and there. 

It makes me feel good. 

Unlike the fried chicken, French fries and sushi. I do not feel good today about that. Or maybe its because I did not get to be until 3 am because I drove my friend home last night after she came over to visit me. 

Today will be rough.

I am grateful for our pediatrician he is an amazing doctor, and I feel my children are well cared for.

I am grateful for fresh starts

I am grateful School is almost here, my babies are getting really excited for the new year.


Monday, August 16


Last night Drew's car was broken into and his electronics were stolen. 
This is the third time in a year. This is ridiculous!!!

What really makes this crappy, is I forgot to lock the doors, because I was so tired from my late birth..GRRRRRR!

So we have decided Nora will be doing double duty around the house now. Its time she earns her keep around here. No more free rides.

I am grateful for Edo Japan

I am grateful for a friend who can sew

I am grateful Amy seems to be getting answers to her little boys health issues.
Doctors are taking this more seriously.  Please send love and Prayers her way.


Italy in Spirit

As I sit here listening to Andrea Bocelli  and reflect on the last 3 days, I can't help but smile. A big smile, the kind that hurts your cheeks and make you feel good all over. The kind that makes you feel like your organs are smiling.  That kind of smile.
I have had a blissful weekend off. I have had a wonderful 3 days with friends and food; I am a little sad it is now over. How do laundry days feel like 10 years, but girls weekends feel like 20 minutes?

Friday our weekend began with the usual accident. I am sure most peoples weekends do not start with an accident, but any exciting weekend of our family does. After Drew got home from work early and fixed up Ethan`s gash (I am so lucky to have a paramedic for a husband) they gathered their things and left on their camping trip. The second they got into the truck and I watched them drive off full of kisses and goodbyes and "have so much fun mom" "we will see you later". I just sat and exhaled deeply. 

I love them (my family) so much, they are so much work. It was nice to just breath, relax and chat a little with my two friends that were spending the weekend with me. 
We finished getting ourselves ready and headed into West Edmonton Mall. 
No weekend would be complete without a little shopping; after the mall we went to a different store in the city, and I believe that is where our true weekend began. 

I am in need of a purse, a nice purse. I have an okay one that I have been using that I picked up for $2 at a consignment store in BC, it has a long strap so it can be worn across my body (mandatory for holding hands, carrying toys, books and snacks everywhere, stopping Nora from darting onto the road and so forth) but it is a little too big. It throws me off balance and I feel like I am at physio when PG hangs 30 pounds from my ankle. Only now its from my shoulder and it throws me off balance. I need a purse that is worn across my body but does not feel like I am carrying a tank. So the search was on.  We looked through a lot of purses, and all of them seemed to be missing something. Colour was wrong, strap was not long enough, strap was too long, no zipper, too many zippers.  It was going nowhere, until I came across a burnt orange purse and it seemed perfect. It sang to me. 

I threw it into our cart to spend some time with it, to bond with it, pet it (because it's real leather), to make sure we got along well. I wore it around the store and would look at myself whenever a mirror was available. The more time we spent together, the more I really liked it. I asked my friends what they thought and they kindly and lovingly told me it was beautiful and that my currant bag was... hmmm, what did they say again, Ooh ya "J, that old bag is awful and crap."  So with that, my decision was made. 

While we were waiting in line to pay, I was petting and smelling my bag and I noticed my bag had been made in Italy.  Beautiful Italy and we started talking about the book that we are all reading, Eat, Pray, Love. Where each of us was in the book and how excited we all were for a ladies night to go see it. 
Then Mel suggested "why don`t we all try and find something from Italy this weekend?"  And without realizing it, our Italian weekend began.  Off we went to Italy in spirit.

We were starving by now and we went to Red Lobster for dinner, hardly Italian (well actually it kinda is with all the seafood) and we had a wonderful meal. Partway through I had to go wash my hands because I had just finished shelling crab legs, and who did I run into on the way to the loo, my (half) sister Tella.  Crazy, she had been working that night and I had not seen her for a while. She is so beautiful and sweet. She came over and visited and we giggled a bit. She met Mel & Michelle and caught up. She told me about her boyfriend and asked about the kids. It made me so happy to see her. Tella and I did not grow up together, she is quite a bit younger then me, but even still, we really get along well. I love listening to her laugh, and I remember being her age. It was such a fun time. She had to go check her tables, I told her I loved her, we said goodbye and she left. 

We finished our meal and I started receiving a few texts from my clients who hired me to help them with their upcoming delivery. The mom was uncomfortable, but just saying hi.

After dinner we headed back to my house and we watched a movie. I wanted to go  to bed early in case my clients happened to go into labour (they were a week overdue by now). But having two other very giggly friends with me, not to mention it was our weekend off, 2 am was the best I could manage and I think it was pretty good all things considered.


Saturday morning we got ready and it was so calm, so peaceful. We drove into Edmonton. Our destination was a small bakery called Dutchess Bake Shop that Drew and I had found with the children a while ago, I wanted Mel & Michelle there because it is truly amazing. Quaint, beautiful and the treats there are life changing.
When we got there an Artist was outside of the gallery next door painting whilst being serenaded by a drummer and a guitar player AND THEY WERE SINGING ITALIAN SONGS TO US ALL. 
I was truly in heaven. How could an artist NOT be inspired to create in such a dreamlike setting? 

We sat  outside in the warm (not hot) sun and shared our croissants with turkey, pesto and fresh mozzarella, and fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and spinach.  Drinking water with fresh lemon and lime and finishing it with a Paris Breast (sounds dirty) but its a hazel nut cream filled pastry that will literally make you well up with emotion and spew out tears. After you gather your composure, it forcefully demands that you lick your plate. Which is alright because you already look a fool for sobbing without reason. Very bossy, but ooh so worth it!

When we finished the very emotional brunch off we were to go explore Jasper Ave. And that's also the time my texts began Saturday from my clients. 

We wandered all day. Going into beautiful stores just to look and try on things you would never ever try on. Things you could never afford, so all you could do was try them on. But it was so much fun. We went to a flower shop that was breathtaking. We went into art galleries, furniture stores. And not just regular furniture stores. The one we went into had a couch for $22,000, and a bed for $35,000. 
And we laid and sat on them both. I have never seen furniture like that ever. 

I am not sure what was more amazing this day, the fact that we were all feeling so tranquil, and surreal, with everything we saw and did, or if that everyone we encountered (sales ladies) were all so unbelievably kind and understanding that we were just there for the experience, never being rude or pushy. 

We ended this part of the day at a Gelato store. Now for anyone who has not had Gelato yet, I beg of you to stop reading this right now and go take your children and experience this divine gift immediately. 

Much much better than ice cream. Almost as good as sex, a very close second! ya that's right, I just said that. And I am not joking either. 

We were still unsure where we would end up for dinner, but had a few hours to kill in between. SO we headed off to go see the fringe. 
Sadly I have nothing to report regarding the fringe festival because I have a huge fear for germs, scary people, smelly people, half naked people, half naked people pushing strollers with little babies in them while smoking pot. 

I know I am so judgmental, and I actually do feel bad, but I had been feeling so Zen all day, it scared me and I did not want to lose my happy mood. We turned around and decided we were ready to eat.
By now it had been almost an hour since our Gelato stop and, obviously, we were starving.

Good thing too, because as we sat down to eat, my clients texted me saying they were at the hospital and had been admitted.
I do not know much, but I have learned this, a baby will always come when it is extremely convenient for me. True story, I cross my heart, It sounds ridiculous but I swear. My clients babies only ever come when I can devote 100% of my attention to their mom, and with my own family being away, not needing to worry about a sitter, or Drew's work, this was going to be a perfect time!

We found a little hole in the wall Italian place by total accident and it was fantastic. It is called Fiore Cantina Italiana. 
We ordered this, 

and this,

and this, 

and then I had this.

We laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. After dinner my friends drove me to the hospital. 
I will not talk much about the birth of this little girl, although the parents have given me permission. Births are very special to me. I will never stop being overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving for having the opportunity to witness this blessed event over and over. This mom was a super hero. She went from 3cm to 10cm in under a hour. Amazing! A new little girl has arrived. And two parents were made. And I got to see it all. Every glorious moment of it.

It was the completely perfect ending to a completely perfect day. I am often saddened for the busy world outside after I participate in a birth. Because no one knows what just occurred, everyone is so busy with whatever to notice that a new hope for this earth has just arrived. 

When it was all over, and mom was resting, baby was cared for and Dad could no longer keep his eyes open, I said goodbye. I reminded them that Joelle was a wonderful name choice for their new girl...still has never worked...but I always try. 
My two very dear, and very tired friends picked me up from the hospital. Anxious to see how things went. 

We marveled at life the entire drive home (having 15 children between the 3 of us) Me- 4, Mel- 5, Mich- 6
and when we got home in the wee hours of the morning we went right to bed. 


I am grateful for this life of mine. It is a beautiful life I have. Sometimes messy, and often mundane, but then every once in a while I get these snapshots of perfect happiness, peace and true joy. It makes it all worth it.

I am grateful for my wonderful children who excitedly charged straight at me when I arrived home, all having different stories to (y)tell at me at the same time about the fun things they did while camping with dad.  And for a husband who excitedly and attentively listed to everything I had to tell him and oo'd and awe'd appropriately about the things I bought on my weekend. 

I am grateful for you both. For all the laughs.  I maybe pee'd a little in your car - your fault . So when is the next weekend going to be? ;)

This is me having a relationship with my pizza.