Thursday, July 1

Strong and Free!!

                                                      HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

I love Canada, it is such a beautiful place. 

I thought for this special day I would tell you the top 10 things I love best about the True North!! (in no particular order)

10-Canadian music is amazing and diverse now, no longer are we forced to only have Ann Murry Represent us on the radio.

9-David Sazuki, Snow, clean air.

8-Canadian Film/ Television. Not only Shows that are coming out of this land, but places to film the stuff and our actors/actresses!

7-Tim Hortons

6-14 GOLD MEDALS!!!!!!

5-Cowboys and Rodeo

4-Health Care, my Dad was smashed up pretty bad, ICU for months, intubated, Blah blah blah...ZERO DOLLARS!! It has some faults, but over all we care for everyone.

3-If you wear a Maple when traveling the world, people like us.


1-We have the biggest back yard of anyone, and it's beautiful!

Have a great day!



Natasha said...

Conspicuous lack of "police brutality against peaceful protesters" here.

J said...

That is actually one of the things I love most, but I prefer even numbers and I did not have time for a #12 ;)

Monika Crowfoot said...

mmm, tim hortons....and yes, i love that the maple leaf is welcomed across the world! :) whew.