Wednesday, July 7

So much for feeling pretty!

My Father in law stopped by tonight unexpectedly to pick up some tools Drew had of his. It was so good to see him again, they have been out of town for a few weeks.
He thanked me for the nice thing I wrote about him on Father’s day.
We gave him his gift because he wasn’t here on the actual Fathers day, it was a wonderful visit.

I asked if he had seen my new blog with all of the pictures yet?  He hadn’t.

So I went over to the computer and pulled it up so he could see.

He stared at it for a bit and said, “which one is you?”

They are all me Grandpa.

Well, this one is for sure, pointing to one of the pictures, but not this one. This one can’t be you.

I am laughing really hard now because THEY ARE ALL ME.

He says, no this can’t be you this woman’s face is too skinny!



Mackenzie said...

Aw! Well just so you know, they ALL look like you, and they are ALL gorgeous! ESPECIALLLY the bubble gum one. It probably couldn't have looked that good without it ;) jk

J said...

I am so in love with the bubble gum picture, it is authentically me, and thank you, because it would not be anything with out the gum run you made. You have no idea how grateful I am kenzie;)

Mackenzie said...

Oh good, it served a double purpose. I got my exercise for the day! And yes, I AM going to chop the mop, just as soon as I find someone good to do it for free ;)