Saturday, July 10

Random Thoughts

I love summer. I love swimming lessons, I love the kids being home.

I do not like the hot weather at night keeping the boys up till 11-12-1 am in the morning, it makes for a not so happy next day. I am learning I need more sleep as I get older and without it I turn into a bear. Quite literally I morph into this nasty, mean creature who scares most everyone (including myself) and growls when you are too close. My children have begun staging small coups, and bombard me with Nerf bullets when I walk down the stairs in the morning, ensuring a smile and a nicer start to the day.

On a brighter note,

Physio guy has been working on my ankle and back a lot, and for this I am super grateful. Even though I think some of his antics seem mean and barbaric, I am noticing a huge improvement. I am running almost every appointment and am finding it easier and easier to run.

Some of my not so favourite things are...

Physio guy has been making me cry every visit as of late with his IMS treatments, IMS stands for jab needles repeatedly into Joelle’s muscles and do this about 20 times in her back and about 5 or 6 times in her legs. But thankfully he is funny, so we laugh through most of it.  He has also been making me lay on my side on a table with my ankle just slightly over the end of it, he wraps a strap around my foot and hangs 20 pounds of weight from it. This little ditty I call the “make you vomit technique.”

Also in my regime is being bungeed to a stable and heavy object (normally a stationary bike) and then having to walk in all four directions. Crazy but effective.
Ooh the last thing he does that I really *cough* love *cough* is when he drills his elbow into my back with his entire body weight and does this for a few minutes at a time, to which I always respond “EAT A SALAD”.
But then when I think it can’t get worse PG lets me balance on the Bosu ball and shoot hoops, and that’s when I know he still has a heart, albeit small and cold, but it’s there ;)

As much as I make fun of it all, it works, and I am doing much better. 

I think I would like to work there one day as an assistant, cleaning and helping and making people laugh.

A few weeks ago there was a little girl there and she had to do an exercise that caused her a tremendous amount of pain. This poor little creature was screaming and yelling and I could hardly handle it. I asked PG if I could go and sit with her, he hesitantly said yes so I just went over and talked to her and taught her how to breathe through the pain. No different than the labouring moms that hire me, but it worked and it made me feel good. It was nice to feel useful.  

On a completely unrelated note, I saw a woman with a full beard today.  YIKES!



LeahM said...

LOVE the new look of the blog!!

Keep the funnies coming!
XO Leah

Tracy said...

Oh my...your physio guy really knows how to work you! I have heard of a few of those techniques but must say he has a few interesting unique ones I have never seen! Your physio work reminds me of when I drove Valerie to and from her physio after she wrecked her right leg a few years ago. She was so excited to run away again also even if it was for a few minutes only. Love your blog and love the pics of you.