Thursday, July 22

The only thing I don't miss

I have been home now for 2 and a half days from Chase BC and my legs are finally not itchy anymore.
In the Shushwap when you swim on the beach where the water is shallow, there is a tiny creature in/on the water called a duck mite. A duck mite is a menacing little creature that can bring even a grown man to the brink of complete madness. The duck mite bites your skin and it causes a mosquito like lump which then grows to a welt the size of your thumb and itches like crazy.
Depending on your skin, it also causes the bite to bruise, which looks horrible (and which is what happened to me).
We tried everything while we were there... sun tan lotion before going in the water, washing with zest soap, washing with mouthwash after, Calomine lotion, rubbing alcohol everything. And none of it worked!
It has taken until now for the itching to subside.  This is the ONLY thing about Chase that I do not miss.  To give you a little look see as to what I'm talking about, these are my Dad's legs after the first day of the duck mite attack:

My dad has the ugliest legs and feet in the world!  I feel that duck mite bites add a little, tiny improvement.
On an unrelated note, I did day 3 of hot yoga class tonight.  And I finally understand what the big deal is about Lululemon clothes; they are not intended for 10 year old girls... they are intended for sweating out 8 litres of water in an hour.  And when you sweat out these 8 litres of water (if you've never done a hot yoga class I'll prepare you) here is what happens... there is a steady stream of sweat off your elbows onto your mat which is why you have to bring a towel to cover your mat.  The sweat will drip into your nose when you are doing certain upside down positions as well as into your ears.  Your eyeballs will burn (pretty much constantly) because of the pools of sweat going into them and your scalp will itch like a duck mite attack.  And can you even believe that I still love it?  

My three gratitudes today are:
  1. Physio guy made me do hockey lunges this morning - which is when he added weight to my ankles, you lift your leg up and lunge outwards at a 45 degree angle and then touch your other legs knee to the ground.  And he made me do this on the front lawn of the physio building for everyone to watch me.  And then he forgot about me and laughed about it!  Why am I grateful for this you ask?  Because I'm writing that I really liked it so he won't be offended that I say bad things about him on my blog and he'll be nicer to me next time and not punish me with these hellish exercises.  
  2. I am very thankful that my hot yoga class tonight was only 26 degrees instead of the 42 that it was yesterday night.  
  3. My husbands new deodorant smells really good.


Natasha said...

MY husband's new deodorant smells really good too! I hate all of them, until this one.

Duck mites sound awful and maybe not worth being in the water. Take a good imagination to the pool.

We had tornado sirens in Kalamazoo tonight. But no tornado, darn it. I should have written it on my bucket list.

J said...

We normally don't get duck mites because we swim in the middle of the lake off the boat...we won't be beaching it with out pants ever again.

VERY COOL about the sirens, I read about them, I agree that would have been super exciting. I hope you are having a wonderful tme.

Michelle said...

k, i need to know what kind of deodorant, cause so far all of Chip's drive me INSANE!!!