Wednesday, July 21

My pursuit for balance.

Like I had said before, my new goal is to find balance.

I am not exactly sure what happened to my balance, it might have slipped out of my pocket when I was out one day, or perhaps I left it out and someone stole it?  I am not sure where it has gone, but I do not feel “balanced” at all. I really have no idea what that even means, but I will find it again!

So while we were driving home from BC I told Drew I wanted to start Yoga again. I really love doing yoga with my brother Dawson (I am very envious of anyone in the Calgary area who could go to one of his classes, he is fantastic).  I have yet to find an instructor as good as Dawson, but a new studio opened up in my area and I went to a class last night.Class 1 of my 30 classes in a row (everyday except Sundays)

It was a hot yoga class and it was 90 minutes long, the room is kept at a brisk 38 Degrees, it was like shoving my body in the oven and then working out. It felt amazing and when it was over I was drenched, DRENCHED! I have never EVER been so sweaty after working out. The studio requires silence during the class, or I would have taken pictures. I could have easily wrung out my clothes, I was gross, but felt good. So this will be my new thing at night.

 I will also begin my own mini gratitude journal, where I will find 3 things a day I am grateful for. My friend does this on her blog, I think it’s a good practice (to be grateful).

So with that,

  1. I am grateful for my health, as hit and miss as it is lately, It could be worse.
  2. I am really grateful for true and loving friends
  3. I am grateful for my washing machine and dryer. On our way home from BC we stopped at 3 valley gap ghost town, it is a museum town and it was horrible for me to see not only what those poor woman had to wear, but what they had to do every day....there are some really amazing things that accompany that humble and simple time, but laundry was not one of them (that and menstruating...ugh what a horrible thing to do back then)


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