Friday, July 23

My butt hurts!

I woke up this morning VERY VERY sore. My physio guy had me do hockey lunges yesterday and this morning my body was in total revolt. 
I could hardly sit down to go to the bathroom. (and for those people who have worked out with me know,  I seldom get stiff) until hockey lunges.

They were so bad, I had to go to physio again (without an appointment) to ask how to stretch this problem area out, because none of the traditional stretches I know would work. 
PG just laughed at me, I almost swore. He showed me a stretch and thank heaven it worked. ugh...

While we were walking out of the physio place a woman drove rather close to me and the children, I had to stop walking and put my arm out in front of the children so they would not get clipped by her car/mirror I don't even think she saw us. 
she pulled into her parking spot and turned off her engine and started to dig through her purse. Our truck just happened to be parked close to where she stopped so we had to walk past her car. 

My Seth (being more outgoing like me) walks over to her car, knocks on her window (scaring her) and says Hey lady WATCH OUT!  I don't think she had any idea what he said (his speech is still rough to some people, but I knew what he said.

I just smiled, and we kept walking

ooh ya

1-I am grateful for fries supreme, they saved my bacon today.
2-I am grateful its date night tonight.
3-I am grateful for Drew who allows me the opportunity to stay home with our babies, they are very entertaining to me. And I do know how lucky I am, because I know there are lots of moms who can't stay home and want to. 


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