Saturday, July 17

I'm in heaven!

I love this place!  I don't mean to rub it in to everybody who is still stuck at home doing the mundane blah blah blah... Mine and Drew's goals for this trip was to find balance.  So my parents let us have a night off and we went off to dinner!  It was one of the nicest dinners I've ever had!  We were at Quaaout Resort just outside of Chase, BC. It is a beautiful reservation that has the best golf, the most beautiful beaches and the most fan-frickintastic restaurant I've eaten at in years.  

We were served Bannock to begin with (Amazing)...

My entree... New York tip's with caramelized mushrooms and onions, Risotto and veggies.  

Of course, with a side order of a 1/2 pound of Crab legs!

In my defense, yes this is enough food to feed my entire family.  But if you know my mom and how psychotic she is with Weight Watchers, all I have eaten for the past two days is lettuce, rice crackers and water so I needed some type of substance before I withered away... OK maybe that's an exaggeration.  But it was worth every calorie I ingested.

Tomorrow is my cousins wedding; and I assure you with the collection of my family personalities I will have enough stories to post for weeks to come.  


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