Friday, July 2

I Am Not My Body!

“I Am Not My Body” has become my new mantra, I heard it a little while ago from a woman who was in a plane crash and had her whole body burned really bad. She followed it by saying she is grateful for that trial (her plane crash) and It really moved me that this amazing woman could see such an awful and painful and I am sure sometimes embarrassing thing as good.

I have found when I am feeling exceptionally sad or mopie about my sore ankle/back, or when I am feeling unhappy with my waist line, I repeat it to myself hoping for the same gratitude she feels.
Sometimes it works better than others. 

So tonight I took the kids out to go pick up a few things and when we got home I was emptying the shopping bags from the store, I placed the box of “feminine hygiene products” on the counter and my oldest Ethan says to me pointing in my direction,

Good choice of air freshener mom

Obviously confused I looked around and said “What?” (because we don't use air fresheners in the house)

The Air freshener, good choice.

I saw where he was pointing (the box), ooh you like that kind do you?

Ya it’s the best, it does a great job, I saw it on a commercial.

Giggling to myself, ooh ya? How does it work so well?

Every time you walk by it, stuff shoots out into it and it makes things smell really nice.

Glad I got the good ones then.

Ooh how I love my boys, and how embarrassed he will be one day when he is older and reads this.

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