Sunday, July 25

Fun, food, friends and fancy technology.

  *****DISCLAMER, possibly disturbing material on this post..... giggle......********

This has been a wonderful weekend,
Next weekend will be Drew’s and my 11 year anniversary, and because of some scheduling conflicts we decided to celebrate this weekend.
Friday we were able to go to dinner and to Capital Ex (aka carni hell) with some dear friends of ours and had so much fun. We ate, went on rides and laughed until we cried at Chip doing this: (BTW he is 6'7" and was such a good sport about this!)

Then Saturday Drew’s parents took the children and we spent the night in the city... eating at the Taste of Edmonton, walking around, listening to music and talking.

It was relaxing and enjoyable to have time together; it reminded me of why we got married in the first place. I love the feeling of being so very comfortable with someone.

The food these last 2 days has been amazing! I have eaten: Alligator, muscles, gumbo, red snapper, chicken tika, stuffed mushrooms, cooked almonds, homemade lemonade,
Nachos (with everything), leprechaun pie, eggs Benedict, chocolate dipped strawberries, mini donuts, deep fried wontons w/ shrimp and cream cheese, steak bites, bacon wrapped scallops, apple crisp w/ caramel sauce, perogys, mini burgers, ginger beef, Pad Thai, I sound as full as I feel?!?!

This morning when we were getting ready to leave the hotel (Drew was in the shower) I went to look on Drew’s iPhone to check my e-mail and up popped a message (an automatic reminder) that there was 3 days left until Joelle gets her, ahem, “monthly gift”.


I was a little stunned, not sure what I thought about this at first, so I went and asked him what this was. He said, well.. it reminds me when you, you know???

I know this might sound super retarded, but I was very flattered. I was flattered because he has taken the time to program into his calendar the days I will more than likely lose my mind and he will not be surprised when it happens.

He knows (because he found an iPhone program that warns him) that when he gets home after work I might be grumpy and dinner might not be made, or more realistically, when he gets home I will be curled up crying because the laundry feels like a metaphor for my life.

He has a pre-emptor on his phone that says “in three more days you might want to bring home flowers, and be sure to tell your wife how beautiful she is to you” even though she hasn’t showered all day.

I love that a little electronic device tells my husband that in 2 days I will have nothing in my closet that fits or looks nice. And that before I even get out of bed you might want to go get me a cocktail of Midol and juice to start the day.

What I find so impressive about this level of technology is that most months it’s still a surprise to me when I go bonkers, but not to my man... he has it programmed in his phone.

So he has learned a thing or two in 11 years. Still doesn’t put clothes in the laundry basket, or know what day the garbage gets picked up, but he knows me... and that is way better.


Daily gratitudes:

1-My mother and father in law (Dick and Diane)... you are so wonderful to me! Thank you for letting us have the pretty car this weekend!
2-I am grateful stomachs expand and not just blow up. That would have been embarrassing but not quite as embarrassing as the guy in the mesh shirt that I saw at the Taste of Edmonton... shudder!
3-The store Winners, I picked up some indoor shoes for the boys for school (ugh, back to school shopping already) that I think might fare better. They can’t be worse.


Leah M said...

That is stinkin' hilarious!!
You have got a great husband!!

Natasha said...

It's so funny how it's a surprise to me too, every month. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. "Why am I crying??"

Glad it was a great weekend.

rwiebelove&life said...

LOVE THAT!!!! But what if you are not regular? Does it have a technology for that? If it does I think I might need to get that app for Shawn...oh wait I guess he would need a phone he could put an app on ;)

Miss you SO VERY MUCH!!!!

J said...

I am the exact same! I'm a blubbering idiot having no idea why? Then i apologize over and over for loosing my mind. Also, i always seem to go shopping during the week???


Sam and/or Monika said...

hahahaha! i had no idea that there was a program for that. and once again, your blog entry has left me feeling incredibly hungry!!