Tuesday, July 13

Double Agent

Today was nuts. It was really cold (12 Degrees) and raining. What is even crazier is that we went to swimming lessons outside in it.

True Albertans! We only get 2 maybe 3 months of “summer” and we will not waste one day of it!

This afternoon I was packing up everything to get ready for our summer vacation in Beautiful British Columbia when the boys were playing downstairs.

Gabe and Ethan came barrelling up the stairs to me, obviously very very excited.

Mom, mom we found this down stairs!  (it was one of mine or Drew’s old Uniform jackets)

Look what it says mom, what does it mean? (It had EMS across the back)

I said, It means Emergency Medical Services (confused).

Still unbelievably excited, Gabe and Ethan are hanging on everything I say with bugged out eyes... and what does that mean mom??

It just means that we use to work on the ambulance and help people (still confused).

Devastated, heads hung, and turning to walk away from me Gabe says “guess that means that Dad is not a double agent then huh?”

I chuckled.


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