Monday, July 12

Did somebody say "Plastic Surgery"?

This morning when I woke up I rolled over and turned on my radio, I love listening to music and I find it a nice way to wake up. It is like a buffer before my craziness begins.
This morning on the radio the two DJ’s were talking about plastic surgery, more specifically breast reductions and why some people feel it’s a good idea and why some don’t.
If anyone knows me I clearly am pro plastic surgery because a few years ago I underwent a breast reduction myself.

Now to some this is a sensitive topic, I do not find it a big deal to talk about but I clearly am aware that I am unusual....

The reason I am writing about this is because one of the DJ’s made the comment that she felt that a large percentage of women get it done because women “want what they don’t have”
Hearing that actually made me sit up in bed and call in to the radio station to talk with her about this.

Want what you can’t have?...She actually said “It’s like curly hair, you want it when you have straight hair??”

To this I responded “it is not at all like curly hair... curly hair does not weigh 10 extra pounds (and that is the amount I had taken off)”, yup I had it done because I want what I can’t have, a few things I want are:

-To no longer have grand canyon size grooves in my shoulders from the weight of these bad boys

-To be able to wear clothes with actual buttons, and to not have to buy those clothes 3 sizes bigger then I actually am just to fit over these things

-One of the main things I would like to have is a conversation with a man (and some women) where they look in my eyes and talk to me.

-I really wanted to not have a sore neck and back.

-I would love to own a bathing suit, as selfish as that is.

-I really wanted to golf, to be able to hold a golf club and actually swing without having 10 pounds of mass between my arms.

-Would love to walk upright, that is a joke, but I definitely hunch

-I would love more than anything to not spend $230 per bra and them only last 2-3 months.

And last I really wish It did not look in this picture like my friends mom has 3 heads

I am glad I got it done!!!


And for your viewing pleasure... my favorite SNL skit of all time!


Natasha said...

Correction: Bad GIRLS.

Best skit of ALL TIME? :-) Best part was "med-i-ocre face, med-i-ocre face". One of my nostrils is bigger than the other. FYI.

Amanda said...

Bring it on down to plasticville!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And soon enough I will be on the reduction wagon too! I cant wait...especially after seeing how fantastic you look!

jackjohnny said...

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