Friday, July 16

Departing on a family vacation; a comedy of errors.

Sigh...we are here... this was one of the longest days of my life.
I thought I had done a lot of the "getting ready" the day before we left, satisfied that Drew would only need to throw things into the truck and we would be able to just zoom off...pft..

Wednesday morning started like every morning, 7:30 the kids are up and are very excited. They love BC and are ready to go.
We get up and get showered, Drew loads everything in to the truck and we are ready to head out the door by 9 am..
We both agree that we are not going to make breakfast, so we will just get breakfast sandwiches for the road.
We drive to subway, Drew goes in and I realise I need to get a Drink. I get out, walk across the street to Safeway, get my warm milk and walk back to the truck.
I go into Subway to get the keys from Drew and I open the truck, and remember I was going to pick up juice boxes and granola bars; I lock the truck again and start walking back to the Safeway.
I was half way there and realised I had the keys and Drew is going to need to get back into the truck with breakfast.
I walk back and give him the keys. I turn around and go back to Safeway, get juice boxes and granola bars and Drew meets me on my way out.
TA DA, we are off.....

Ooh crap I forgot my wedding ring in my room, Honey? Can we turn back to the house,
Got my ring, got back in the truck, head to the library to return our over due books
Down to the end of the street,
We forgot pillows,
Turn around, got the pillows,
Back to the library
Drop off Books, and now we can go...
Forgot to deposit money,
back to the bank, money in.
Now we are off... its 10 am now
Everyone is eating, seems happy, listening to music.
Mom, can we watch a movie?
Sure guys,
movie #1 in , plays for a bit then skips
movie #2 in , won't play at all
movie #3 in Grrrr Drew this is not working, the DVD is broken.
We are now in Red Deer which is only an hour and a half drive so far.
We both agree that we are NOT making a 12 hour drive without a DVD player
We go to Costco to find a new portable DVD player... nothing there
We decide to go to Best buy, much better there, we found two good players and a few movies...
we are back in the truck. Everyone loaded in and.....
Mom I am hungry, is it time for lunch?
Sigh...Sure guys....We get lunch, and gas, and Drew has the DVD players mounted...

1:30!!!! I am not even joking

We are finally off! We drive about 20 minutes.
Mom, I have to pee..

Of course you do... we make 3 pee stops before 3 pm..

A very LONG day but we do make it, at last, 9pm.

Worth every headache.

Wish you were here ;)



Natasha said...


I enjoy the fact that "drink" is capitalised. Very Important Drink.

And how fast were you driving to Red Deer? Because I drove 120-130 and it took me 2 hours to get home.

Mackenzie said...

Gorgeous! Where in BC is that? And also, sorry your drive/not drive was so crazy!