Wednesday, July 21

Best parts.

Sigh....I am home, and doing mounds and mounds of laundry....bigger sigh...

Ethan is walking around telling me how bored he is, and how much he wishes he was back in BC
I wish we were on Grandpas boat, I wish we could play on the beach, I wish we could go tubing again....
Surprise Ethan, I wish I was still there too.

Like always, I felt a little emotional on the drive home. I could feel my old compadres anxiety, and stress waiting for me at the Alberta border. I wish they would go on a long vacation themselves and get lost while trying to return home, but alas, they were there waiting for me. They didn’t even care to hear about the wonderful time I had just had, they are very selfish that way, they just pick up  where they left off...making me feel awful. Once I crossed over the border they resumed their positions on my shoulders and back, they could at least eat a salad, or go on a diet.

I really love it in Chase, and it always amazes me how much this little town feels like home.
I feel the most at peace with the mountains, and trees, and water, ooh how I love the water.

I was surrounded with all my cousins too, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law and wonderful friends.I had such a nice time. Here are a few of the best parts.

Kelsey and Dave. Honestly could she be any more beautiful?

I loved the decorations! It was so fun and classy. The colors were amazing.

My cousins.
My cousins are the most gorgeous things in the world!

After the wedding (the next day) we were back on the lake, where we all love to be!

My dad actually drove the boat so fast it blew my boys hair into these little 80's dues.
Nora loving life.
Our little piece of heaven
We might not have it all together, but together we have it all!


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Anonymous said...

It was awesome seeing you and your family.
How I wish we lived closer.